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Weekly Giggles

If you would like to receive these individually Monday through Friday, you can get them by liking and following the Time To Increase The Meds page on Facebook.


  1. LOL, improper grammar makes me twitch. I know not everyone is educated, and I know there are those with learning disabilities so I try not to be judgy. But damn. I would say that's NOT the case with a lot of what we see.

    That one about the baby, though...too cute!

    BTW, I am BACK!!


    1. YAY!

      I missed you! Still plenty of time to join in the RocktoberMusicFest (if you want)

  2. Mary,

    I'm definitely not a grammar nazi but there's a lot of stuff kids just aren't getting like YOUR vs YOU'RE or THEIR vs THEY'RE which drives me a little nuts. It's not like not know which spelling of stationery/stationary to use. I get that wrong about 90% of the time. lol I never, ever exaggerate and that's no exaggeration! lol Yeah, I bet that baby is exhausted. Boy, do I ever remember those sleepless nights! How did I ever survive those years? LOL that's a good one of the cat sitting on the book. :D Great laughs!

  3. I love these! The proper grammar it hilarious. Thank you for the giggles.


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