Monday, July 22, 2019

#4M: Favorite Contestants

 Welcome back for Monday’s Music Moves Me (aka #4M)

We’re under the direction of a new co-host/conductor for this month. Congrats to Driller!
He’s chosen the theme of “songs by your favorite American Idol or The Voice contestant”

#BOTB Results: Beautiful Sunday

The other day a song came through my facebook newsfeed. What caught my attention about this song was the artist’s name.  I don’t think I had ever heard this name as a musical artist before. BUT… I did know the name.

Monday, July 15, 2019

#BattleOfTheBands: Rock Vs Country - Beautiful Sunday

Have you ever heard a song and thought to yourself that it’s impossible to be anything but happy while listening to it? That’s the type of song I’ve chosen for today’s battle.