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The Last Destination - PLUS #BOTB Results

Here we are… back at Monday again. The final week in March. Where does the time go? I think the older I get the faster the days and weeks fly by. I would by telling a lie if I said I didn’t let out a groan when I saw this week’s suggested theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me. I think I’ve done 3 other posts on this same theme within the past year.  I ALMOST decided to skip the theme and just do my own thang, when it occurred to me that I do have one more post in me on the subject.

It's Gonna Be a Bright Sunshiny Day

Ahhh… Monday again :) The weekdays just seem to fly right on by.  If you haven’t voted in the Mid-March Battle of the Bands, now would be a perfect time to do so. (Don’t worry, the link will open a fresh tab/window so you won’t lose your place here). Go on… I’ll wait :)

Mid-March Battle of the Bands #BOTB

Time for the Mid-Month Battle of the Bands! As promised, I’m taking us back to my favorite time period for music - the 70s.  I swear I could listen to music from that era all day long and never grow tired of it.

It Ain't Easy Being Green PLUS #BOTB results

Ahhh… Monday again :) I hope that all of the UK mums had a great day yesterday.  I spent the day in bed trying to find that hour that was lost.  I sure hope that I am able to find it before Fall.

Billboard Hits On This Date in History ... 1970 - Present

When did the weeks start getting shorter? Seems like just yesterday I was putting together the post for last week.  If you haven't done so already, there is still time to vote in the current battle of the bands. Remember, the only wrong vote is a non-vote. It’s a freebie week for Monday’s Music Moves Me. Sometimes that is a blessing and sometimes that is a curse. As we are new into the month of March, I considered using songs with ‘March’ in the title.  I listened to a few, but I just wasn’t feeling it. After some consideration, I was able to come up with something for today.

Battle of the Sexes BOTB

Welcome to the first battle of the bands for March! Back in 1997, punk rockers The Offspring released this song for the first time. It was released as the second single for their fourth album. The song also appears on their Greatest Hits album. The song was written by their lead singer, Dexter Holland.  The song became The Offspring's first No. 1 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, while reaching No. 4 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart.

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