Rocktober 12, 2014 Paul Revere & The Raiders

Paul Revere & The Raiders is a band that originated out of Boise, Idaho, and had considerable mainstream success in the mid 1960's thru the early 1970's.

As a young child growing up in Idaho, my older siblings were fans and as a result I was indoctrinated into enjoying the band as well.  Later, in my 20's, I recall attending the Eastern Idaho State Fair where Paul Revere & The Raiders would perform free matinee shows during the afternoon.

Their manager suggested they record a song, "Louie, Louie", for which they were paid a mere $50, but the recording ultimately lead to them being signed with Columbia Records. It is uncertain whether The Raiders or the Kingsmen recorded the song first, but both groups recorded it at the same studio in Portland, Oregon in April 1963.

Paul Revere Dick recently passed away on Oct 4, 2014 from cancer. "Louie, Louie", 'Kicks" and "Indian Reservation" each played a role in my formative years. While his body is no longer with us, his music and soul remain in our hearts.


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