Rocktober 20, 2014 Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers have been together as a band since 1983. Their original style was more of a rap/funk, but has recently taken on a more melodic style, with a strong funk influence.

"Scar Tissue" is about the Red Hot Chili Peppers' singer Anthony Kiedis and his battles with drugs, as well as the quarrels he had with friends and bandmates as a result of his addiction. The line "sarcastic mister know it all" was directed at the band's former guitarist Dave Navarro, who Kiedis referred to as the "king of sarcasm", while the line "make it to the moon if I have to crawl" is a reference to Kiedis' heroin addiction, which made him desperate to get high.

The lyrics for "Scar Tissue" were written by Anthony Kiedis probably because of the return of guitar player John Frusciante. Frusciante left the Peppers in 1992, uncomfortable with the band's success. He developed a severe drug addiction, but returned in 1998 to work together to make the album Californication. The theme of this song is often referred to as "life and resurrection".

The music of "Scar Tissue" is remarkably melodic, which contrasts with the earlier work of the Peppers. This was typical of the new style the band embraced since Californication.

"Scar Tissue" has been a live staple in the band's setlists since its first performance in 1998 making it the band's third most performed song ever behind only "Give It Away" and "Under the Bridge"

"Scar Tissue" is probably the one song that first caught my attention of this band. I have since learned to appreciate more of their earlier songs.  What RHCP song do you enjoy most?

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