Look Left

Sometimes, music is just whimsical and today, I am in a whimsical mood. I looked everywhere trying to find a bio for today's featured band/song, but there really isnt one to be found. So... I'll tell you a little bit that I learned based on notes from inside the albums found from their website http://www.lookleft.us/

"The College Years" is the first album by Look Left. Originally released in July of 2010, after a few months locked in a public college dorm room, Jared Clark, Derek Wilber, and Andrew Cotts crawled from the hot, stinking, sweaty cube clutching a hard drive.

Look Left's second album "You Should Drink More" was recorded over the summer of 2010. Work started immediately after The College Years was released. The group's songwriting improved, everyone got better instruments, and they all pretended that they knew what they were doing. More genres were explored, no lessons were learned, no one went on a diet, and Derek tried to dye his hair.

In their third album "Master of Tiny Shoes" They explore all new styles of music ranging from funk to latin to a capella choir. Their warm harmonies, slap bass, and acoustic clang are all present once again and it's sure to keep old, and new fans alike singing its catchy refrains for years to come.

"Bite The Green Apple" is Look Left's 4th album and features the band's creativity at it's best with shimering harmonies, grooving guitars and catchy hooks.

"Waiting" is the band's 5th effort. The album has more pain, laughter, introspection, and light than they thought they could ever pour out. "Waiting" is Look Left's try at a cohesive package. Tracks 4 through 14, the meat of the album, tell a story very dear to Jared's heart. It's been a hard couple of years, and this is what came out of it.

"Transition" is the 6th studio album by Look Left. The production is tighter, the songs more adventurous, and the lyrics sharper than ever. A lot has happened in the last year. Everyone graduated school. Everyone moved away from one another. Everyone got a job. The music keeps coming.

Look Left records everything themselves, on equipment they bought. Entirely DIY, they have no support from any label, company, or benefactor. Want to take a listen?

This song is from the band's second album. Song is called "Crack My Head and Let The People Out" Let loose and enjoy!

Derek Wilber - Bass guitars
Andrew Cotts - Electric Guitar
Jared Clark - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and MIDI drums



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