Bands we love to hate (justified or not): Nickelback

This week I'm tackling the bands/artists that everyone loves to hate - justified or not.


Personally, I've never understood the hate for Nickelback. I actually like them (don't stone me!) I've always thought of their music as 'Angry White Girl Music' and I don't mean this in a racist way, either.  It's the kind that you listen to when you are mad at the world.

Because I just don't understand why everyone loves to hate on Nickelback, I took my question to various groups of social media. The response was interesting. While many were like me, and didn't quite understand the hate, I did get these responses:
  • All their music sounds the same and is formula (Yes, but so does Rihanna, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Disturbed and MOST artists today)
  • Chad Kroeger is a douche (So is Kanye West, but... okay, I'll give you this one)
  • Chad Kroeger looks like a rapist. His goatee looks like even it’s embarrassed to be stuck to his chin, and his mustache is in second place for worst facial hair ever (trailing slightly behind his goatee). His hair, reminiscent of terrible 90s perm/bleach combos, billows salaciously at the slightest breeze. And his face is fixed in an expression that just reeks of “hey little girl, want to see the inside of my van?” (okay... so he's creepy looking)
  • They're sellouts. (Well anytime any artist becomes hugely popular, the entire world calls them a sell out. So that's stupid)
  • Their music sucks. Their lyrics arent creative or deep enough. (Again, MOST music today lacks creativity and depth)
  • They’re Canadian. (Not everyone gets to choose where they are from, and plenty of decent music has come from Canada)
  • They just suck! (I'm really starting to think it IS a bandwagon effect)

So tell me, dear reader... Are you on the Love 'em or Hate 'em Bandwagon? How about the Just 'meh' Bandwagon?  Tell me your thoughts...

Go on.. give them a listen (if you must!)


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