February 8, 2015

Got You Covered: Losing My Religion

It was just the other day when I posted about the Italian Metal group, Lacuna Coil (You can read that post here)

In researching the band, I found they liked to do cover songs. This song is just of them.

I was telling a friend about how I had found an Italian Metal group that covered an American Alternative song. She had a good laugh and explained that her mind immediately went to the stereotyped Jersey Shore Italian. She told me of her vision of beefed up/steroid-induced Italian Guidos wearing big gold chains and rings screaming out an alternative song.

I assure you, this is not what this group looks like!

First, let's take a look at the original song: Losing My Religion, by REM  (I'll post more about REM at a later date)


Now, let's have a listen to Lacuna Coil's version:


Who do you think has the better version?

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