Shut Up... and Kiss Me!

I was given an assignment to participate in a special themed Blog Hop taking place at MidlifeBoulevard. Originally, I was just going to slap their coding onto something I had already written for this week, but at this last minute, I decided I didn't want to recycle an old post. I would rather give you something fresh.

The theme for their Blog Hop is "My First Kiss"

Shut Up and Kiss Me! #FirstKiss #ValentinesDay

While others are writing about their first kiss, being that this is a blog about music, I would share a few songs about Kisses that I enjoy.

The first song that came to mind when presented with this topic, was "Kiss You All Over" by Exile
Funny story about this one. When I was growing up, my family participated in an Indian Student Placement Program. It was much like a student exchange program, where Indian children from the reservations came to live with other families each school year. One day, our placement student was calling home. Remember the days when you could call an operator and make a person to person collect call?  Well... she was on the phone waiting for an operator to come on so she could make her call, While waiting, she sang this song. Keep in mind, she and I were only about 13 years old.  A male operator came on the line just as she was singing "I wanna kiss you all over.. and over again" 
The operator interrupted her singing.. and boy was she embarrassed!

Shut Up and Kiss Me! #FirstKiss #ValentinesDay

Other songs about kissing that come to mind:

What's your favorite song about Kissing? Is there one that reminds your of your first kiss?

And now, on to the Hop!

Shut Up and Kiss Me! #FirstKiss #ValentinesDay


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