The Tremeloes: Silence is Golden

Today's post is in response to a request submitted by one of my readers, Diane Tolley. Diane also has her own blog called On The Alberta/Montana Border  Diane tells stories of yesteryear and life on the ranch. Be sure to stop by and tell her hello!

The Tremeloes were formed as Brian Poole and the Tremoloes. The spelling of "Tremoloes" was soon changed due to a spelling mistake in an East London newspaper.  Their musical influences we Buddy Holly and The Crickets. On New Years Day 1962, British record label, Decca, was looking for a Beat group and auditioned two promising young bands - Brian Poole and the Tremeloes and The Beatles. Decca chose the Tremeloes over the Beatles reportedly based on location. The Tremeloes proved to be a very talented band in their own right, and much like the Beatles, they band seamlessly combined rock and roll with a variety of other genres.

The band had a string of hits that were all covers, beginning with The Isley Brothers "Twist and Shout",The Countours "Do You Love Me", Roy Orbison's "Candy Man", and The Crickets "Someone, Someone".

Brian Poole left the band in 1966 to start attempt a solo career.

The Tremeloes continued on with more covers with Cat Stevens' "Here Comes My Baby", Riccardo Del Turco's "Suddenly You Love Me", Riccardo Del Turco's "I'm Gonna Try", and Orietta Berti's "My Little Lady".

They finally hit #1 with a cover of Four Season's "Silence is Golden".

As a soloist, Poole failed to chart with subsequent records, but pursued a successful cabaret career. His daughters, Karen and Shelly, hit the charts in 1996 as Alisha's Attic. Blakley died from cancer in June 1996, leaving Munden and West to continue in concert with newer recruits Dave Fryer (bass) and Joe Gillingham (keyboards). Jeff Brown, former bass player and lead vocals for Andy Scott's Sweet, replaced Fryer in 2005. Dave Fryer retired to live in Germany after leaving the band, and continues to write music and play occasionally.

Brian Poole, Chip Hawkes and the Tremeloes toured the UK as part of their 40th anniversary reunion in September 2006.

The Tremeloes are still together today: West and Munden perform their old material in concert throughout Europe with musicians from other 1960s and 1970s bands. Hawkes is also still an active performer and leads his own band Class of '64. Brian Poole still tours with his band the Electrix. Rick Westwood retired from the Tremeloes at the end of 2012.

Thank you Diane, for requesting this song and Artist!

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