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Welcome to week 5 of our Guest Blogger Series. I'm really excited to share with you today's guest. I met Allie via a google community, and have enjoyed reading her blog, and I'm sure you will enjoy this one as much as I have. 

I have booked some really AWESOME bloggers (and non-bloggers as well), from all over the internet, and I just can’t wait for you to “meet” them all. Each and every Sunday, you will find a new Guest here. Thank you for stopping by today to join us for this week’s "The Guest".

Hi, I'm Allie!  I'm a senior in high school doing all the usual senior in high school things: being equal parts excited and scared about the future, trying my best to become an adult but really not wanting to grow up too fast, and enjoying life as much as I can in the process.  I blog at Reckless, where I write to figure things out and to celebrate my life, which I happen to like a lot!  Other important information:  I love a good book, hate grocery shopping by myself, and have lukewarm feelings towards my cat.  

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Hey, Jingle Jangle Jungle readers!  I hope you're having a fantastic Sunday!  

When I found out about the opportunity to guest post for Mary, I was so excited because 1) I love guest posting and 2) I have a new favorite band that I pretty much want to tell the whole world about, and this kind of seems like the place to do it.  Right? Without further ado, a give you . . . For King & Country!

To get started, my two favorite songs of theirs: Long Live and Fine, Fine Life.

(If you watch these and sing along really loudly, you can pretend you're seeing them live, in concert!)

Meet the band: 

For KING & COUNTRY is comprised of brothers Luke and Joel, who grew up in a family of seven children under the care of their music-promoter father.  Before starting their own band, the brothers sang back-up vocals for their sister, 
Rebecca St. James.  They starting writing and performing music at ages 19 and 21 and have since come much, much farther than they had ever dreamed.

Claims to fame: 

For KING & COUNTRY received six nominations at the GMA Dove awards in 2013, taking home the title of "New Artist of the Year."  In 2012, the same year that their debut album, Crave, was released, Billboard named the duo as one of its "New Artists to Watch."  In other words, they hit the ground running in a big way.

Mission statement: 

One of my favorite things about seeing for KING & COUNTRY live was getting the chance to hear them talk about something that they're very passionate about: women's worth and the idea that chivalry is very much alive.  Joel spoke directly to the women in the audience, explaining how important it was for them to understand how valuable they are.  He also addressed men, saying that it is their job to stand up for and respect everyone, especially women.   I love that this is such a big part of who for KING & COUNTRY is as a band.  This message is so important, and it's often neglected.  You go, Glen Coco!  

So, why do I want to buy their CD / see them in concert / become their new biggest fan?

They don't just have awards and a cool mission statement and a family full of musicians - for KING & COUNTRY's music is great!  It all has a very positive message, and the musical talent of the brothers and the five band members who tour and record with them shows. In concert, they put on a great show - I'm talking surround-sound drumming, lots of crowd interaction, really cool outfits, and unique twists on some of their most popular songs. 

This was one of my favorite parts of the show ( I know, I have a lot of "favorite parts") was the song "Long Live."  Every band member had a drum and started playing them from separate corners of the venue, ending the song together on a stage about ten feet from my seat.  So.  Cool!

Joel spent parts of several songs running through the audience, slapping hands and singing right in front of some very, very lucky people.

Plus, if you stick around after the show, there's almost an opportunity to meet one of the brothers for a photo op and autograph!

That's what I'm told, anyway.  Most concerts (including this one) end waayyyy after my bed time, so we only stuck around long enough for my mom to snap a picture of Luke for me to crop myself into.  It's almost as good! 

So, since you're obviously really tight with the band, do you have any free stuff for us?

No.  I'm so sorry.  I do, however, happen to know exactly when and where they're making music for the next few months - you can find all of that info here.   (And then, if you want, you can buy an extra ticket and I would probably be willing to come with you.) 

Go forth and love for KING & COUNTRY!  A big thanks to Mary for letting me guest post here today and meet you all.  If you'd like to come say hello, you can find me at Reckless most days.  See you then!


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