S is for... Seals and Crofts

Today's story is about a life-long friendship between two guys, Jimmy Seals and Darrell "Dash" Crofts.

They first met when Crofts was a drummer for a local band. Seals had joined a band called Dean Beard and the Crew Cuts. Later, Crofts joined the band. In 1958, there was a band called The Champs, who had a number 1 hit, Tequila. After that song came out, Seals and Crofts, along with Glen Campbell joined The Champs.

In 1963, Seals, Crofts, Campbell, and Jerry Cole left The Champs to form the band Glen Campbell and the GCs. This band only lasted a few years before the members all went their separate ways. Crofts returned to his home in Texas, and Seals joined a band named The Dawnbreakers. Crofts eventually returned to California to join Seals with The Dawnbreakers. The Dawnbreakers name is a reference to a book by the same name about the beginnings of the Baha'i Faith. While Seals and Crofts were part of the band, they became members of the Baha'i Faith. They met their wives through this faith and they each married in 1969. However, the band was not successful.

After the the failure of The Dawnbreakers, Seals and Crofts decided to play as a duo, with Seals on guitar, saxophone and violin, and Crofts on guitar and mandolin. In 1969, they signed a contract with Talent Associates, and released two records. Only the second reached the Billboard 200 chart, reaching #122. In 1971, they signed a new contract with Warner Bros Records. Their first album did not break into the charts, but their second album Summer Breeze charted at number 7 in 1972.

In 1974, they played at the California Jam Festival, attracting over 200,000 fans. This concert put them alongside other '70s acts such as Black Sabbath, Eagles, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Deep Purple, Earth Wind & Fire , Black Oak Arkansas, and Rare Earth. Portions of the show were telecast on ABC Television in the US, exposing the duo to a wider audience.

In 1980, they lost their contract with Warner Bros. and the pair decided to set aside music for awhile. They appeared at several Bahá'í gatherings. A number of their songs contain Baha'i references, including passages from Baha'i scriptures. When they appeared in concert, they often remained on stage after the performance to talk about the faith while local Baha'is passed out literature to anyone interested.

In 1991, Seals and Crofts reunited and performed until disbanding again a year later. In 2004, they reunited again and recorded their first new album since 1980, released as Traces.

In 2011, the bandmates' daughters Juliet Seals and Amelia Crofts, along with Genevieve Dozier, daughter of Seals & Crofts engineer Joey Bogan, formed a musical trio called The Humming Birds. They released their eponymous EP The Humming Birds in September 2012.

"Summer Breeze" was written and recorded by Seals and Crofts and has been covered by The Isley Brothers, Type O Negative, The Three Tenors, and many other artists.

And now.. your earworm of the day:


What does tomorrow bring?

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Tune in to find out! 

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