Chris Watkins and the Drunk Poets

One of my readers, Chris Watkins,  had sent me a file to listen to his music. Today, with his permission, I’ll be sharing that with you.

First off, the bio:

Chris Watkins is an American musician-singer-songwriter. Hailing from Alaska, Watkins is the founding member of the band the Drunk Poets.

He began playing the guitar at the age of 10, and by the age of 16 he had formed the alternative band the Drunk Poets, who, in the 1990’s greatly influenced the Alaskan music scene. Watkins has continued to carry the band name with various members coming and going over the years.

He has also released several solo albums. One of which is titled Nail It Down, and another titled Lazy Mountain Moon, which was recorded and produced in 2005 at Lamon Records. In 2013 Watkins released another album titled Winter Birds. Two of the more popular Drunk Poets albums are Empty Rooms and Going Down Slow. Some of Watkins’ influences over the years have been U2, Talking Heads, and Bob Dylan.

Watkins is currently residing in Alaska where he continues to write and record music. His most recent album is London Can Take It, which was just released in March 2015. On this album Watkins is joined by musician Eric Cobb, who is also one of the original Drunk Poets band members. The title song off Chris’ album London Can Take It has been described by The Modern Folk Music of America music blog as being “grunge inflected” while accompanied by Chris’ “drawling street poetry“. 

Now my thoughts:

When I first listened to the song,  “London Can Take It”,  I honestly did not care for it. Not wanting to count the work of Chris Watkins out just yet, I decided to give a few more songs a listen. I found the video for “In The Dark” from the Lazy Mountain Moon album on YouTube.  I liked the sound of this song so much more than my first listen of “London Can Take It”.

After that, I decided I would give the SoundCloud songs a listen. After listening  - “London Can Take It” made more sense to me.  I do, however, enjoy “Roman Nights”. I enjoyed listening to the other songs on the SoundCloud as well. So there’s hope for me yet, Chris Watkins!

I encourage you to listen to these songs with an open mind, give them multiple listens in different orders, and put Chris Watkins and the Drunk Poets into your regular music rotation if you find it to be your cup of tea.

Here are some links to his music:

More songs can be found here:

You can find out more about Chris Watkins and the Drunk Poets on Facebook, and he would LOVE it if you followed him on Twitter.

So what do you think of his music? Were you able to find any thing you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below. 

What does tomorrow bring?

Tune in to find out! 

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