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Today's Guest is:  Francene Stanley of Views On News

Born in South Australia, I married young. After my husband's nervous breakdown, we retreated to the small fishing village of Robe, where I ran a craft shop and tea room, welcoming tourists to the area. In the nineteen seventies, my husband and I travelled in a caravan with three children around Australia looking at various ways of alternative living.
After my divorce, I left Australia and moved to England, where I worked as a nanny, travelling around the world with the family I worked for. I met my present husband in London, worked in the catering business for 12 years, and travelled extensively. Once I retired, I found initial inspiration in poetry and songwriting but later turned to writing novels as well as writing a daily blog – Francene. Views on news.

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Francene - Views On News

Trailer for Still Rock Water 

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I might be a little different from your normal guest, You see, I've never done anything with the songs I've written in the past, other than to have demo CDs made of some of the best.
One friend made a video of a song that I included in my novel Still Rock Water, so at least my readers can hear the words and tune. I love it, but would welcome anyone singing it in their own voice. The song, a tribute to Christopher Reeve, can be heard on YouTube with the lyrics displayed.
Let me go back to the beginning. When I finished work due to osteoporosis at the age of 63, I needed to vent my creating urge. First I wrote poems—over a hundred of the little blighters. Then, I decided to write lyrics. The natural progression was to turn them into songs. A second-hand keyboard helped me figure out the tune, and I found the information I needed to write the notes in the proper form. Problem is: I didn't know when to stop. Over 150 songs are now notated and filed away.
I joined the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, and had the seven songs they deemed the best prepared for demo with an affiliate company.
I'm not young any more. At the age of 73, I won't do anything with my songs.
Here's my offer: Let me know if you would like to use any of my songs—no rules, no stipulation—they're yours. A credit would be nice, hidden away in a corner somewhere. Just so somebody knows I have many sides to my creative drive. Oh—and you have to be able to read the musical score of those not on demo discs because I can't record the others onto a CD. Let me know what genre you're interested in and I'll go through the titles and see if I can find one to fulfill your needs. You can contact me on my blog.
If you'd like to read how the character Liliha created the song and had it accepted, here's a universal link to my book Still Rock Water: And the trailer for the novel:
Songs brought people together around a fire in our earliest times. Music formed a part of humanity's way of communication. Just like whales, who sing a song to be passed around the globe, we remember tunes and words of the songs that appeal to us. That's why they call it The music of life.

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