The Sean Baker Orchestra

This one is for the metal-heads out there!

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of a friend, Sean Baker and his band, The Sean Baker Orchestra.  You may have heard his music, and not even realized it was his.

Sean is an instrumental guitarist from the state of Michigan.  He began playing guitar around the age of 13 and became instantly addicted to guitar and the art of music. He began writing instrumental music around 2002 and released his first solo cd The Sean Baker Orchestra. The songs from this cd would become bed tracks for the Fuse TV channel's “Talking Metal” program. In 2007, He was featured in Guitar Player Magazine's “Mike Varney's Spotlight” column which gave him a ton of international exposure.

In 2009, Lion Music released his second cd, Baker's Dozen. The song “Which way to Radioland” went on to become the theme songs for the nationally syndicated radio program “Chop Shop Radio”, as well as iTunes most downloaded metal podcast, “Talking Metal”.

In 2013, he was given the opportunity to join Ronny Munroe from the bands Metal Church and Trans Siberian Orchestra's solo band. In the summer of 2014, Sean Baker and Ronny Munroe’s cd, Electric Wake, was released.

In March of 2015 ShredGuy Records released his third solo cd Game On!! Game On!! is Sean Baker’s first cd to have vocal songs appear on it. “Spooky” which features Ronny Munroe on vocals, and the song “Necessary Evils” featuring Jeff Martin of Racer X fame handling vocal duties. Sean Baker also has a vocal metal band that will have a release via ShredGuy Records this fall. Stay tuned....

I recently found myself stalking Sean Baker’s YouTube Channel. I’ve enjoyed listening to the progress he has made over the years with his sound, and was even impressed to find a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke.

I realize that metal isnt for everyone, but I encourage you to listen to these tracks with an open mind. You may find yourself enjoying them as much as I have.

What does tomorrow bring?

Tune in to find out! 

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