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Today's Guest is: Beth Blenz-Clucas

Beth is a mom and musical aficionado based in Portland, Oregon. For the past two decades, she has represented artists and labels in the indie family music scene nationally.

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How To Find the Best Music for Your Kids

By Beth Blenz-Clucas

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It’s a rainy day after school. The kids are running around, unfocused, squabbling, or glued to the TV or tablet. You want them to do something more enlightening, but you also need to get a few things done around the house. What could possibly keep the kids occupied and entertained for one precious, guilt-free hour?

Your magical solution is simple: music! As the saying goes, music tames the savage beast, and it’ll probably work with the wildlife in your own home. Tons of research shows that listening to music can help young children hone listening and focusing skills (even if it won’t necessarily make them geniuses). Your tots are probably not ready for the vagaries of pop music, but you don’t want to hear “The Wheels on the Bus” in heavy rotation. Luckily, today’s independent family music scene offers a wide range of fresh sounds. From jazz to rock, pop to bluegrass, there are hundreds of original, interesting kid-friendly songs waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

If you’re old-school like me and still have a CD player, the first place to find cool tunes is your local library. Children’s librarians are a great source of knowledge about children’s music. Ask them, and dig into the stacks to try out various artists to find your favorites.

Various independent organizations like Parents’ Choice and the National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Awards and the annual Fids and Kamily critics poll, listen to dozens of new albums each year and choose the best for their awards.

Many towns offer children’s programming via local community radio stations, where volunteers host after school and weekend shows featuring cool kids music. My favorites include SiriusXM Kids Place Live (Channel 78), which plays kid-friendly tunes and stories 24/7, and Kids Corner which airs and streams live each weekday evening from Philadelphia. A few regional shows also offer archived shows for your listening pleasure.

If online streaming is your thing, check out the music at TotsRadio and Jelly Bean Radio – both have all-day streaming songs. Many families get their music from services like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play or Amazon Prime… all of these services offer children’s music channels, and if you search

There are a few parenting bloggers who offer a reliable guide to what’s new and noteworthy in family music. The first is Zooglobble, whose host also reviews music occasionally for NPR. Other great sites are KidsCanGroove, SwingWhistleZing and The Rock Father.

In short, you don’t have to settle for bad music or more screen time to keep your kids happy and engaged. You may even find yourself tapping along to some of the tunes you discover together.

Happy listening!

Resources in this article:

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The Rock Father

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