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Week 23

Each and every Sunday, you will find a new Guest here. I have booked some really AWESOME bloggers (and non-bloggers as well), from all over the internet, and I just can’t wait for you to “meet” them all. Thank you for stopping by today to join us for this week’s installment of "The Guest".

Today's Guest is: Lauren Grace

My name is Lauren from ( I’m a 20 year old lifestyle/health and fitness blogger. Blogging has been something that has become my hobby whilst being at university as I love writing inspirational posts, that can help people know that I have also experienced the issues there are currently facing. My blog also has random posts on my wish lists and Music. Music is something I listen to all the time my playlist ranges from Pop to Reggae. I literally have the most random playlist ever. The one thing I love about music the most is how inspiring it is, the lyrics somehow relates to us in some shape and form. For my segment on Jingle Jangle Jungle, I want to write about Jessie J alongside my 5 top inspiring songs.

Twitter ~ Lauren Grace

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Jessie J is an UK artist who is known for her strong power vocals, in which she has millions of fans called ‘Heartbeats’. She is someone I look up too and I’m very inspired by. The fact that most of her songs from her 1st album is about being picked on in school and finding yourself, which is what many of us go through in our lives.

For me being 20 hasn’t been easy and all I’ve been trying to do is find happiness and enjoy what makes me happy. Jessie J was someone who inspired me to blog as if she can share her issues through music I could express mine through blogging, which is where I find my happiness. I guess that’s the main reason I love her and that’s cause she’s allowed me to realize nobody’s perfect and to be true to who we are, everyone’s different and that’s what so great about her. She allows people to be recognized for who they are and value the personality difference in everyone. This is why she’s my inspiration.

 Now on to my Top 10 Inspiration songs:
  1. Who you are- Jessie J
  2. Nobody’s Perfect- Jessie J
  3. Skyscraper- Demi Lovato
  4. I Bet- Ciara
  5. Missed- Ella Henderson
  6. Big Girls Don’t Cry- Fergie
  7. Masterpiece- Jessie J
  8. You Don’t Really Know Me- Jessie J
  9. Take a Bow- Rihanna
  10. Change your Life- Little Mix


I hope that you enjoyed today's Guest. Be sure to visit their blog and social medias.
Thank you, Lauren, for being today’s Guest!

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