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Today's Guest is: Kirsty Ralph

Hey All I’m Kirsty, I am a semi-new blogger now, having now blogging for just over 6 months now! I am a massive music fan, and if you read my blog you can tell I love music from the weekly playlists, monthly playlists, creating my own music playlists and of course doing album reviews!

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From a young age I have always been obsessed with music. From the heavy guitar riffs of Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi, to the 90’s cheesy pop sound of Steps and S Club 7. Even in my teenage years my love of music grew as I began listening to classic music and exploring deeper the world of rock, metal and alternative. It is said that your teenage years define your taste in music and with me it certainly has. More recently I have started to listen to more mainstream pop and my love for a certain artist has grown. This artist being, Mrs Cheryl.

From the beginning of her music career in Girls Aloud, Cheryl’s voice has always captivated me. I love her rough quirkiness from Sound of the Underground and Love Machine. When GA took a hiatus and Cheryl branched out into a solo artist, was where my fascination grew.

Her debut album 3 words is without a doubt one of my favourite albums ever released. From Fight to this love, Parachute and 3 words with Mr Will. I. AM, Cheryl became a household name in terms of the music industry.

Fight for this love is just sheer brilliance, when I saw Cheryl Live at the Capital Arena, the crowd became electric. This song saw Cheryl become a staple and her fandom took on the name of being her Soliders, following the music video outfit!

IN 2010 Cheryl released her second studio album, Messy Little Raindrops. The album focuses upon her break up and end of marriage with Ashley Cole and the lyrics throughout the album definitely show the heartache and pain Cheryl was going through. One of my favourite songs released by Cheryl is Promise This. This music video is incredible and I love meaning behind the song. The Lyrics to me mean everything.

Promise this if I die before I wake oh
Promise this take a time to say your grace
On your knees you pray for me
Promise this be the last to kiss my lips

To me it represents love from the beginning or relationship, through to death. The fact that your love will be with you every step of your life and that nothing means more to you than their love.

Over time Cheryl’s music has grown in strengths and strengths. Her A Million Lights album went straight to number 1 and Call My Name was one of the biggest tracks of the summer.

Furthermore Her lyrics really brought home to me the message of standing up for yourself, especially in her track Boys Lie, you can identify with the heartache of a break up and knowing that you can never rely on anyone but yourself.

Boys lie, and somewhere
A good girl cries, cries, cries
I hate to tell you but
Boys lie, ain't no need in bein surprised
I really hate to tell you

Earlier in 2014 we saw the 4th studio album, Only Human being released.

And this is by far the greatest album ever. There are so many different musical influences from Jazz and Blues type feels on Crazy, Stupid, Love to a more 80’s club vibe in Beats n Bass. Cheryl really has explored a wide range of sound, giving this album a fresh 21st century feel. It is a perfect listen for a nice sunny day and always puts in a great mood. You cannot help but dance and laugh when listening to the album and it is one I truly recommend listening to.

As a massive Solider, I will always love Cheryl but without a doubt her vocal range and sheer level of performance is one to watch!

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