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Today's Guest is: Jenn Peters

My name is Jennifer (Coffill) Peters. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with my husband, Bryan, and our beagle, Sherlock. We are in our early 30s on this journey called life. There are two things that course through my veins stronger than anything else: frugality & creativity. I'm also a perpetual learner and tourist. So you'll find me writing about DIY projects, budget travel, creative date ideas, frugal recipes, meal planning and more.

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As I looked over the brief in preparation for my guest post, I pondered intently what to write about. Should I write about the song I had my first dance to? Or my favorite workout song? I'm just kidding, I don't work out. I really should though. Or maybe my favorite song from church? The one that sets the mood for worship, just right.

As I went through this planning process, listing song after song, something else came to mind. With each song there was something more. An emotional attachment. A story.

Sure, there is the usual catchy lyric or "the beat." But as I looked over my list, I could see a story woven in note and lyric throughout my entire life.

It's more than just the words.

Back when CDs and cassettes (yes, cassettes!) were commonplace, I'd pour over the leaflet of lyrics and read every line until I'd committed it to heart. And I do mean my heart. If I'd only committed to memory, that simply wouldn't be good enough. I needed to internalize it deeper.

I like to feel the music. It doesn't need to be loud and shake the windows of my sedan. No, I can more deeply feel a hushed whisper of a song than intense bass.

Music is alive.

Have you ever heard covers of a favorite song? A new rendition of an old classic? It's amazing how alive music is. It can morph into a whole new sound and meaning just by being covered by another artist.

That brings me to the piece I'd like to share with you today.

I'd like to share with you a stunning gospel group, Selected of God. Those who know me, know I don't listen to gospel, but when I first saw this group on Americas Got Talent I knew they were different from all the others. These wonderfully talented men and women take popular songs and breathe new life and meaning into them.

This song in particular, originally by Eminem, is completely different as sung by Selected of God:

It breathes empowerment into the lyrics and really pumps you up in a way that Lose Yourself didn't do before. It also tells of a new story of determination of the people of Detroit. Isn't it amazing how much a song can change when it's presented by a different voice? It's beautiful!

The next time you hear a new rendition or cover of an old time favorite, give it a listen. Let the music come alive again and see what it has to say to you. It may remind you of the past or it may tell you a brand new story. Give it that chance and enjoy it!

I hope that you enjoyed today's Guest. Be sure to visit their blog and social medias.
Thank you, Kirsty, for being today’s Guest!

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