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Today's Guest is: Doglady Deb

Debbie D., known as “The Doglady”, is a writer and canine innkeeper living in suburban Toronto, Canada with her husband of 40+ years. Owner of THE DOGLADY'S DEN website, this self-proclaimed “eternal hippie/rockchick” is an animal lover, music fanatic, inveterate traveler, history, literature and cinema buff. Binational, German/Canadian, she speaks German, some French, a little Italian and a smattering of Spanish.

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Recollections of an Old Rock Chick

Music has been a constant in my life. Early memories go back to 1958/59 when my mother and I were living with her parents and two sisters in Germany. My father, a Canadian army officer, was off leading a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon at the time. The aunts had an extensive record collection and I remember bonding wtih them over strains of “Volare” by Domenico Modugno. Twenty years later, I included it in my repertoire while struggling to become a professional singer. (It didn't pan out, but that's another story.)

The Beatles first attracted me in 1963. “She Loves You” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” were all the rage among us eight year olds that year in Canada. (We were ahead of the U.S. In this, thanks to our British ties.) The band's historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964 became an important “where were you when...?” milestone.

After the Beatles came the rest of the “British Invasion”, including the harder edged sound of the Rolling Stones. They got my attention in 1965, but I was still mostly a "teenybopper” for a couple more years. “Beatlemania” was surpassed by “Monkeemania” in 1966. Otherwise known as the “Pre-Fab Four” (the band was put together for a TV show), young girls everywhere went wild, especially for heartthrob, Davy Jones. Many of the old fans were shocked when Davy died of a massive heart attack in 2012, at the age of 67.

While all this fluffy fun was going on, other bands, including The Beatles and Stones, were evolving and exploring the depths of their talent. Music became more profound, often drug induced, but largely brilliant. In 1967, The Beatles released their break-through concept album, “Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Psychedelic bands such as The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane enjoyed great success during this period with songs celebrating the counterculture of the '60s. The hippie movement took hold in San Francisco, during the “Summer of Love”.

I loved this and have been a hippie, in spirit, ever since! Music was (and still is) my drug of choice and I was getting high on Psychedelic Rock. Life became more complex. We were growing up. Professor Timothy Leary was entreating us to “Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out”, a directive followed by many. Not me, though. In 1968, I was shipped off to boarding school, a unique but confining experience. Another musical milestone from that year was my first taste of “heavy metal thunder”, courtesy of John Kay & Steppenwolf, followed by the movie, “Easy Rider” in 1969. Thus, the “eternal hippie/rockchick” (sic) was born.

Do you like 60s music? What songs shaped your life?
Looking forward to your comments!

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Thank you, Deb, for being today’s Guest!

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