The Del Lords: Step Into the Land of the Cool and Crazy

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My name is Tim Clark; I am a husband, Father, employee, and blogger. I love music, life and these days exercise and a proper diet (it is a little bit of an obsession, I have a lot of obsessions, it is a hobby). If you want to take a look my blog is , but do yourself a favor and approach it with low expectations, and you won’t be too disappointed.

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The Del Lords: Step Into the Land of the Cool and Crazy

In the beginning there was rock and roll. Born in blues clubs and honky tonks rock and roll found an audience in a generation looking for something new, brash different. Of course, things change and evolve, but rock and roll in its original form, Buddy Holly, Elvis, the Yardbirds, Chuck Berry, and so many more, and their new, innovative, enthusiastic sound is still art to many.

In 1982 a band formed with a mission. To offer rock and roll to fans that still loved the sounds of guitars and drums, and vocals, in the original style. In a time where rock had grown away from the past the Del Lords were embracing the origins.

Scott Kempner (from the Dictators) Eric Ambel (from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) joined drummer Frank Funaro, and bassist Manny Caiati to bring a sound and attitude to music that was a breath of fresh air and a sacred tribute to history at the same time.

With a driving, riveting, hypnotic back beat and scorching, incendiary guitar they didn’t play music, they brought it to life. And true to the roots of rock and roll their songs challenged convention, laughed at society.

“What do you want to do tonight?”
“You know… Friday night videos”
“TV again, no way, it’s Friday night.”

For people who don’t remember music videos on MTV that is not as meaningful. But at the time music videos were huge. People “watched music” with a passion. When they sang about having fun, it was a blast, and the whole song was a party. When they sang about love, it was powerful, touching, moving, or depressing, they could cover them all. But, when they were at their best is when they picked up the gauntlet, took on issues, and decried injustice.

“Deep in the city,
In a cold and lonely room,
A widow and her daughter,
She’s singing her a tune
It’s a song about freedom
About swimming against the tide
About doing whatever you want
Every single day of your life.”

Four albums filled with great music, that was new but honored the origins of rock, a loyal following, and critical acclaim was not quite enough. They broke up in 1990. Music was the real loser.

But, in 2013 they released “Elvis Club” a triumphant return. They have been on tour, to raucous, adoring crowds around the world, and are working on another album. With three of the original members (Ambel, Funaro, Kempner) they are still rockers, and still fantastic.

I fell in love with this band at first listen. Listening to “the Cool and the Crazy” makes me feel like I “run with a cool crowd, cool cats, cool chicks.” There is something about this band that is welcoming, and friendly. There is a sense of fellowship and belonging in the lyrics. The music is tonic, remedy for life in the modern world. Their Facebook page is filled with fan posts, and the band members actively participate.

I can’t wait for the next album.

Thank you, Mary for letting me guest post, and talking about a band that has made me smile, tap my feet, and turn up the volume.

Thank you, Tim, for being today’s Guest!

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