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About Michelle:
I am a happily single co-parent mom, raising two boys with special needs. My oldest has Autism and my youngest has ADHD. I am also in recovery from PTSD. While my blog focuses mostly on raising children with special needs while dealing with my own issues, I write about various interests such as Music, Fitness, my own spirituality, and any other random thoughts that invade my complicated brain. Having recently left my job, I am a new blogger who is also looking to eventually get my own fiction writing out to the public but for now I am feeling my way through the blogging world trying to figure out what my next career move should be. I am honored to be a guest blogger on the Jingle Jangle Jungle blog. If you like my posts, feel free to visit my blog at

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Bon Jovi is my Superman

Ever since I was eleven years old, when Bon Jovi’s New Jersey album was released, I have been hooked. The very first song I heard was Lay Your Hands on Me; The feel good song that sent me into another dimension (at least in my head). The beat of the drums; the harmony of the keyboards; these were instruments of enchantment for me. I remember watching the video on MTV (you know, back when MTV actually played music videos) and being completely captivated by his multi-colored jacket, leather pants, performance, and most of all, his voice. That voice! It still gets me. There is something about his voice that soothes my soul. When I hear his voice, it’s like seeing an angel for the first time and something tells you to trust him. This angel is safe. That’s what Bon Jovi’s voice does to me.

I had convinced my aunt to buy me all of his albums, including the New Jersey album. The next song that struck me was Livin’ on a Prayer. That was a real breakthrough moment for me. This song is about the surviving on hard times. It was like Bon Jovi was in my head and singing right to me. Now, of course, that’s what all good singers accomplish, right? Part of their allure is fans connecting with their music and feeling like the singer is telling their story. I was going through a hard time in my life at that point so to hear this angelic voice reach me through the sound waves of the radio, seemed to put me into a trance. This voice that just told me through the lyrics in the songs that everything was going to be alright.

I am a survivor of child abuse. Up until this year, I haven’t talked openly about it except to those closest to me. When Bon Jovi came into my life, I was having nightmares and was even suicidal a few times. I know, an eleven year old suicidal? It happens unfortunately but there was no one in my life I could talk to. No one wanted to hear me. My feelings and thoughts were considered unimportant and wrong. Luckily, Bon Jovi came to the rescue. Wanted Dead or Alive and Someday, I’ll be Saturday Night had become my go-to songs that got me out of the emotional ruts I often found myself in. They were songs of hope for me. Whenever I felt unloved and unwanted all I had to do was play a Bon Jovi song and I didn’t feel so alone. Bon Jovi had become my Superman!

Now, of course I loved his love songs too. You really can’t love Bon Jovi without appreciating his love songs. My favorite of all of his love songs is Born to be my Baby. Even though I’m a bit jaded when it comes to finding “the one”, every time I hear that song, it gives me hope and makes me wonder, is there someone out there who was born just for me? I’m a realist and don’t really believe in that, except when I listen to that song. That’s Bon Jovi’s way though isn’t it? He gives hope to people.

It’s My Life is another monumental song that made its way into my soul. It came out at just the right time. I struggled for a long time with being myself because to most of my family, I will never be good enough. Bon Jovi, once again, came to my rescue. Through his song, he taught me not to be afraid to be me. I have this one life and it is MINE! No one can take that from me and I need to live my life MY WAY!

I don’t listen to Bon Jovi as much as I used to. I’ve gotten into more hard rock/alternative music that I adore, but Bon Jovi is never far from my thoughts and he, Richie, Tico, Alec, and David will always have a place in my heart. Now, when I get upset with people, I simply say, Have a Nice Day!

Thank you, Michelle, for being today’s Guest!

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