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Today's Guest is: Anna Wiippola of Annamopp

My name is Anna, I'm 29 years old and I live just outside Stockholm in Sweden with my husband. I'm a huge fan of boybands and I love to go to concerts. I have a small blog ( in Swedish (there is however a google translate button on the right) where I write about music, concerts, figure skating and my everyday life.

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Shane Filan

I first heard of Shane Filan 1999 when the Irish boy and he was in, Westlife, released their second single If I let you go and I've been a fan ever since. The first years was great! Westlife were huge and came to Sweden for tours or promotion several times a year. They even recorded their concert DVD here in Stockholm 2004. Then 2005 came and since then I guess you could compare being a boyband fan in Sweden to living in Narnia. There was however nothing stopping me from seeing my favourite band live which meant I had to travel abroad to see them. I think I've seen most of England now after all my trips and I've actually had the time of my life!

Westlife ended in 2012 but just one year later Shane released his first solo album. He was never my favourite member of the band but I knew he had a great voice and when he released his first single, Everything to me, he absolutely blew me away. His music was far from what I had expected but I absolutely loved it! It was so honest and you could really feel that he meant every single word he sang.

In February 2014 Shane started his first ever solo tour and me and my friend decided to go to the very first concert. This ofcourse meant we had to take a flight from Stockholm to Manchester and then a train to Liverpool, just like we’d done in the Westlife days. We were so nervous that day that we couldn’t even eat. We had no idea what to expect from Shane or what the audience was going to be like and all we wanted was for it to be a great concert. And it was. The music started, Shane started singing ”It starts of with a heartbeat…”, the curtain dropped and everyone screamed so loud that Shane actually started crying. He must have been just as nervous as we were. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to and I will never ever forget that night.

A few months later, in November, we went again and this time we had ordered Meet & Greet tickets before one of the concerts. It was the first time in 8 years that I met him and he was just as nice as I remembered. We even got to spend a few extra minutes with him just because we had travelled all the way from Sweden.

Shane has just released his second album and I absolutely love it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another tour and maybe, if I'm very lucky, he might come back to Sweden as well.

Thank you, Anna, for being today’s Guest!

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