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Today's Guest is: Katrina Rees

Hey everyone! My name is Katrina, I’m 24 years old and live in Wales, UK. I work as a Charity Shop Manager but in my spare time I travel the country, going to different gigs and supporting my favourite bands and singers. Music is my number one passion in life and I’ve loved listening to it from an early age.

I started blogging over a year ago now and I love writing about my little adventures so that I have something to look back on in years to come. My other hobby is reading and I occasionally write guest reviews on my friend’s book blog too. I’m really happy to be a part of Jingle Jangle Jungle’s Guest Blog Series and I hope you enjoy reading this post!

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Unsigned Acts in the UK

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite unsigned acts from the UK. I have been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember. Over the years, the main focus of my adoration has been signed acts as they were the ones being showcased on our radios and televised on our screens.

However since 2012, thanks to the growing popularity of social media, I have spent more of my time focusing on unsigned acts that I've come across on Twitter. Social media is a marvellous tool for finding undiscovered talent but these days you do have to sift through a lot of people that aren't your cup of tea in order to find those hidden gems.

The first unsigned act I’d like to introduce you to is Britroyal made up of twin brothers Kais and Mazin. Without them, I wouldn’t even be blogging today! We were having a chat before one of their gigs last year and they encouraged me to start a blog about all the gigs that I go to and I haven’t looked back since. My mum (and fangirl partner in crime) was the first to discover the duo, having been sent a link to their EP ‘Unfinished’ on Twitter. Their music is not stereotypically what I would listen to, but a lot of the songs on their first EP are epic ballads which I can never resist. There’s a song called ‘Ordinary’ which is so special, and tells someone that even though they might not have saved the world or done something remarkable, they’re still anything but ordinary to them. They have been working hard on their album ‘London’ which is available through Pledge Music and it’s great to see how their music is developing!

Secondly, there’s David Mark Bulley, a singer songwriter from Liverpool. Once again, mum was the first to discover him and I’m so glad that I decided to watch him perform on YouNow at the start of the year as I’ve been hooked on his amazing ‘A Thousand Bonfires’ EP ever since. One of his songs, ‘Tell Me It’s Over’ is a big power ballad and I can’t help but get goosebumps when I hear it. I’ve been fortunate enough to see him live several times this year and he keeps on improving so much. His debut single ‘Lions’ is so catchy (take a listen and I can promise that the chorus will be embedded into your head for days!). My other favourite songs by David are ‘World Full of Crazy’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’. Combined with the fact that he is probably the nicest person I’ve ever met, he really is a hidden gem in the music industry and I want nothing more than for him to get the success he deserves!

I must also mention the first unsigned band that I became a fan of from Twitter who were called Kingsland. Sadly they have split for some time now however three of the members have continued to make music. Shaun Rivers' soulful voice is just amazing, he is extremely energetic and puts his own twist on covers as well as performing his own RnB songs. Joe Conaboy  brings a rockier edge to his music – his covers include songs by Royal Blood and The Kooks and he is influenced by these artists. However his music is still universal to all, I challenge you not to fall for his accent when he sings! Lastly there’s the powerhouse that is Matt Cahill. He genuinely has the most insane voice, everyone needs to hear it! He is also part of a duo called Camero.

Whilst the actual music itself comes first and foremost, one reason why I love unsigned artists so much is because they are so accessible. Supporting unsigned acts often means getting opportunities you could only dream of with a huge artist. For example, I have been a fan of Take That for pretty much all my life. I’ve seen them numerous times on tour and have been fortunate to meet them once last year however they have no idea who I am, I’m just another fan and I’m unlikely to ever meet them again. With unsigned acts it’s much easier to build up a rapport with them both online and in person and it most definitely enhances my experiences when they remember my name or little details about me. I’ve been extremely fortunate with the unsigned artists that I follow, the memories I have are unreal!

I think it’s so important to support unsigned artists these days and I hope I’ve encouraged you to check out some new music! Do you have any suggestions of unsigned artists I should check out? Thank you for reading!
Thank you, Katrina, for being today’s Guest!

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