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Today's Guest is: Anne M Bray

Anne M Bray is a 2D visual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Day jobs include designing prints for underwear and loungewear, and teaching Digital Design at Otis College of Art and Design. She writes a variety of blogs. Her occasional music-related posts can be found on "The Glutton's Progress".

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Do you remember The Smithereens? A Girl Like You? Behind the Wall of Sleep? Blood and Roses?

They are still playing live after more than 30 years! Pat DiNizio (vocals, guitar), Jim Babjak (lead guitar, vocals), and Dennis Diken (drums, vocals) are the three original members joined by bassist Severo "The Thrilla" Jornacion. [Full disclosure: Severo is my boyfriend]. If you like rock and roll influenced by both the Beatles and the Who (and a titch of Black Sabbath), you will like The Smithereens.

I was able to join the band for their gig at the Suffolk Theater in Riverhead, NY in August.

Backstage, before the show, a select group of fans (radio contest winners) were able to mix and mingle with the band.

I watched the show from stage right. For this gig, Andy Burton (in fedora) played keyboards.

Here's the set list:

Need a Smithereens starter kit? Give "Live In Concert - Greatest Hits and More" a try!

Thank you, Anne, for being today’s Guest!

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