BOTB: I Wish You Love

Time for the next round of Battle of the Bands!

Here’s how it works: I’ll be posting two versions of the same song and after you give a listen to each, place your vote for your favorite and reason for the way you voted in the comments section. I’ll tally the votes and post the results in another post 6 days later. The Battles take place on or around the 1st and 15th of each month, and the results will be posted on or around the 7th and 21st.  The other blogs participating in the Battle of the Bands are posting different battles (different songs), So once you’re done voting and commenting on my battle, take a moment to visit the other participants and vote & comment on their battles.  There are some really good battles going on!

The Song:  "I Wish You Love"

Wikipedia tells us this:
"Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?" (French pronunciation: ​[kə ʁɛstə t‿il də noz‿amuʁ], What Remains of Our Love?) is a French popular song, with music by Léo Chauliac & Charles Trenet and lyrics by Charles Trenet.

The song was first recorded by Charles Trenet in 1943. It was used extensively in the François Truffaut film Stolen Kisses (1968), its French title, Baisers volés, having been taken from the song's lyrics. The song was also used in the films "Iris" (2001), "Something's Gotta Give" (2003) and "Ces amours-là" (2010).

The song is best known to English-speaking audiences as "I Wish You Love", with new lyrics by Albert A. Beach: introduced in 1957 by Keely Smith as the title cut of her solo debut album, "I Wish You Love" would become one of Smith's signature songs. Smith's debut album otherwise consisted of standards: she would recall: "[when] we sat down to select the songs [record producer] Voyle Gilmore...played a bunch of standards [then] said: 'I want to play you a really pretty French won't mean nothing and you won't do it in the album but I just thought I'd play it for you' and he played 'I Wish You Love'. So, at the end of him playing all these songs...I said: 'Babe, I'll sing any 11 songs y'all want me to but I want to sing 'I Wish You Love'."

It has since become a standard, with many other recordings. Gloria Lynne's 1963 recording for the Everest label reached #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964, also top #10 on the Easy Listening chart (edited from the Hot 100), and #3 on Cashbox Magazine's R&B chart (Billboard did not publish standard R&B listings during 1964).

Other versions of the song were recorded by Dalida in 1972 and by Rony Verbiest in 2001. An Italian version entitled "Che cosa resta" was recorded by Franco Battiato in 1999.

The First Contender: Natalie Cole

The Second Contender: Rod Stewart

Who will you choose?

Alright now, it’s time to cast your vote! In the comments, please enter who you are voting for and why you chose them.  Stay tuned, results will be posted on or around the 7th and 21st!

And don’t forget to visit these other battles going on today!

What does tomorrow bring?

Tune in to find out! 

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