#BOTB Slade vs A-ha

Time for the next round of Battle of the Bands!

Here’s how it works: I’ll be posting two versions of the same song and after you give a listen to each, place your vote for your favorite and reason for the way you voted in the comments section.

The Battles take place on or around the 1st and 15th of each month, and the results will be posted on or around the 7th and 21st. As I only post Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, the posting date will be closest to those dates as possible.

The other blogs participating in the Battle of the Bands are posting different battles (different songs), So once you’re done voting and commenting on my battle, take a moment to visit the other participants and vote & comment on their battles.  There are some really good battles going on!

The Song:  "Crying In The Rain "

Wikipedia tells us this:
"Crying in the Rain" is a song written by Howard Greenfield and Carole King and originally recorded by The Everly Brothers. The single peaked at #6 on the U.S. pop charts in 1962.

The song was the only collaboration between successful songwriters Greenfield (lyrics) and King (music), both of whom worked for Aldon Music at the time of the song's composition. On a whim, two Aldon songwriting partnerships decided to switch partners for a day -- Gerry Goffin (who normally worked with King) partnered with Greenfield's frequent writing partner Jack Keller, leaving King and Greenfield to pair up for the day. Despite the commercial success of their collaboration, King and Greenfield never wrote another song together.

The original (for reference only) https://youtu.be/caO4AO_g83E

The First Contender: Slade
In 1989, it was covered by Blessings in Disguise, a band composed of Dave Hill and Noddy Holder of British hard rock band, Slade

The Second Contender: A-ha
In 1990, the Norwegian pop band A-ha covered the song. It was the first single taken from their 1990 "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" album. Following its success, A-ha became closer to the Everly Brothers, who had originally recorded the song. The band members were presented a set of guitars by the Everly Brothers that A-ha continues to use.

Who will you choose?

Alright now, it’s time to cast your vote! In the comments, please enter who you are voting for and why you chose them.  Stay tuned, results will be posted on Aug 22nd!

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What does tomorrow bring?

Tune in to find out! 


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