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It’s the Partner In Crime again, this time with a post about someone mentioned in my first Six Degrees post.

I figured that I would start with Dave Navarro. Forgive me if I ramble; I’m told I don’t really say enough.

He was a founding member of Jane’s Addiction with Perry Farrell and also was a former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was with the Chili Peppers for one album. That particular album, “One Hot Minute,” was one of the band’s “darker” albums. Now, the album itself was a commercial success, but the album before it, “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” was an even bigger success. Navarro was subsequently let go.

“My Friends,” from “One Hot Minute:”

Interestingly enough, that album is the sound that I mostly heard in my college years from the Chili Peppers. My college music diet also consisted of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains,  Stone Temple Pilots, Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler (I’ve seen them perform live at Penn State before the Bryce Jordan Center was built,) Primus and Smashing Pumpkins. And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a few bands in there.

On the Jane’s Addiction front, we have “Mountain Song,” from “Nothing’s Shocking:”

While doing research for this post, I’ve noticed that Dave Navarro himself seems to have lived a troubled life. Personally, I hope he’s able to exorcise all his demons and keep himself together. Something I’ve noticed is that there seems to be that common thread about the really talented folks out there. The thread being dealing with personal demons. I can think of at least three from the “27 Club” who fit that description. Jimi Hendrix was not one of them.

On a lighter note, here we have a GoPro on the headstock of Dave Navarro’s guitar at Lollapolooza 2016:

And this is where I wrap things up. I’m pretty sure I’ll get roasted if you don’t like my style of writing (this was more of a stream of consciousness style; if you prefer I keep it short and straight to the point, I could probably do that.)

As for the Six Degrees posts: I’m always open to suggestions.

Speak your mind in the comments below. This has been “The Partner In Crime.”

What does tomorrow bring?

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