Six Degrees - Musicians 1960 to Current

Joseph here, and I’m back with another Six Degrees!

One of the requests made for a Six Degrees post was to link an artist from the 60s to a current artist of today. Now, that request was quite open-ended because no artists were actually specified. To make the task easier, I had to work backward in time. The list is presented from oldest to latest, sorta.

Ray Charles – He actually takes you back to the late 1940s, when he played piano for various bands and gained a reputation as a talented musician. And this was before he was 18 years old.

“What’d I Say:”

Fifth Dimension – Before Fifth Dimension was founded, Ray Charles took Lamonte McLemore and Marilyn McCoo and three of their friends on tour with him and produced a single with them. After that single, McLemore and McCoo formed a new band, which was Fifth Dimension.

Here’s “Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine:”

Dionne Warwick – Remember the TV show “Solid Gold?” Not only did Marilyn McCoo host it, so did Dionne Warwick. Warwick was the original host, and also sang the original theme song for the show.

“That’s What Friends Are For:”

Michael Jackson – The Gloved One’s connection to the Dionne Warwick is via the song “We Are The World,” where they both sang parts of the song.

Paul McCartney – Most folks in the U.S. over 35 years of age know of at least one of the two prominent McCartney/Jackson duets. “The Girl Is Mine” is one of them; “Say, Say, Say” is the other.

Beck – He was hanging out with Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins and Paul McCartney when the three of them got denied entry to an after-party after an awards show. And with that, we’ll end with “Loser.”

Be sure to comment with your requests for future Six Degrees posts. Feel free to be specific. We are open to suggestions.  As always,  you can find a playlist of these songs and more HERE.

What does tomorrow bring?

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