BOTB Results Winchester Cathedral

The Results are IN! 

Here’s how it works: I’ll be posting two versions of the same song and after you give a listen to each, place your vote for your favorite and reason for the way you voted in the comments section.

The Battles take place on or around the 1st and 15th of each month, and the results will be posted on or around the 7th and 21st. As I only post Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, the posting date will be closest to those dates as possible.

The other blogs participating in the Battle of the Bands are posting different battles (different songs), So once you’re done voting and commenting on my battle, take a moment to visit the other participants and vote & comment on their battles.  There are some really good battles going on!

The Song: Winchester Cathedral

You can read more about the battle Here


The Contenders: Frank Sinatra vs Petula Clark

And the Trophy goes to:

The Votes:
Frank Sinatra with 4 votes
Petula Clark with 7 votes 

And because I always like to leave you with something special:

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  1. Nice, close Battle, MARY!

    Rudy Rules!
    (Tiny Tim, too.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Check out my new blog @
    (Link:] Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

    1. Thanks, McCarthy!

      The battle on the 15th should be a close one as well. And... it's another New Vaudeville Band tune.


  2. I say Rudy Vallee is the winner. Singing it through the megaphone was the perfect touch.

    1. I knew that if I used Rudy as a contestant, it would be a blowout. That's why I went with the others.


  3. Rudy Vallee is cool. :) He definitely would have won! Nice to know my choice came out ahead.

  4. Nice outcome and glad Petula took the prize. I did a story about Rudy on my blog a few years back. Didn't know he did this song, but it was appropriate.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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