Giggles & Feels 7/24/18

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Daily Feel Good
Time To Increase The Meds
Zaps & Zings


  1. Mary,

    Oh these were fabulous funnies! I like the the last one. I better keeps some wieners on hand in the event of a tornado. BTW, I didn't see your 4M post. Did I over look it or are you sitting this one out? Thanks for the laughs, though. Laughter is the best medicine ever! :D

    1. Hi Cathy!

      My 4M post is disguised as the battle results post. I should have named it better. Oh well. Hope this reply posts. Google is having issues today.


  2. Omg the last one xD Thank God we have not tornados in Greece (at least), I'd hate to have sausages in my pockets xx MonsterFrogaki


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