Murder On The Menu: A Cozy Mystery Book Review

This is a book review that I did some time ago. You can tell it's some of my earlier work by my writing skills.

Murder on the Menu: A Cozy Mystery in the Mountains (Book 1) by Liz Turner 

After being away from the family for nearly 20 years, Victoria Armstrong, returns to her hometown. Victoria is a recent widow of three years and brings her two children with her to her home town, a town that is very small and not doing very well economically. Her first stop is to visit lifelong friend, Boyd, and then to her family home. By morning, Boyd is found dead inside his home. The doors are locked and it leaves the local authorities a bit confused. Victoria spends time talking with other locals and pieces the crime together. While there are a few plot twists as the story unfolds, there is one big finale of a twist at the very end. While the story alludes to violent things such as murder, the author does not go into great detail and it is described in past tense. Overall, this is an easy read and a great summer read.



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