Paperless Post Review

I was recently contacted and requested to review Paperless Post.

I had never heard of the company, so being curious in nature, I set off to explore their website.

I think I now know where all the time went last week, as I managed to spend most of my time checking out every nook and cranny the site has to offer.

First - let’s talk about WHAT Paperless Post is.

Paperless Post is a company that designs customizable online and stationery, to show that communication can be personal and well-designed regardless of the medium.

You can send party and event invitations:


Thank You Cards:


And so much more!

With each you choose your graphic, font & style - EVERYTHING can be customized.

After you have designed your invitation, you send to your friends and customers and wait for them to RSVP.  You can also send via Social Media!  RSVPs are tracked, so you will always know from minute to minute how many to count on.

Upon delivery, the graphic is animated - most of them showing as coming out of envelopes - added bonus - the envelopes can be customized as well!

I found the website really quite easy to use, and I believe that it is a great site for the cost (it’s seriously inexpensive)  If you love stationery, this is the website for you!

So, go on…. Go take a look and spend some time playing with graphics and fonts and invite me to your party!  Paperless Posts


  1. Oh and a couple of days ago I was wondering where I can find an online shop to make some customisable flyiers for my business! I'm checking out Paperless for sure, thanks for sharing! xx

    1. I'm glad that I could point you in their direction. Best of luck to you in your business.


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