Song Lyric Sunday: Drive/Driving

Okay, so I joined up with this blog hop last week and had so much fun that I decided to join in again this week.

The Idea was formed by Helen @ This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time. She has presented us with the word prompt of DRIVE/DRIVING for this week.

The first song that immediately popped into my head is sung by Incubus.

It’s Sunday, so I’ll keep this relatively short for you.

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

"Drive" is a song recorded by American rock band Incubus. It was released in November 2000 as a single from their third album Make Yourself. It is considered the band's biggest hit and breakthrough single, eventually reaching the top of Billboard's modern rock charts on March 3, 2001, and #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 on July 28. In 2001, "Drive" won Billboard's award for Modern Rock Single of the Year. Director Bill Draheim documented the making of "Drive". 'Save Me from my Half-Life Drive' is the result of that edited EPK footage.

The song is featured in the video games Donkey Konga 2 and Guitar Hero Live in addition to the film Surf's Up. This single was also certified gold in Australia in the year 2001.

According to lead singer, Brandon Boyd, "The lyric is basically about fear, about being driven all your life by it and making decisions from fear. It's about imagining what life would be like if you didn't live it that way".

The song's main lyric is "I'll Be There", but because there was a song by that name by The Jackson 5, the song's final title ended up being "Drive".  (which is ironic, as there is also a song titled “Drive” by The Cars)


Sometimes, I feel the fear of
Uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear
Take the wheel and steer

It's driven me before and it seems to have a vague
Haunting mass appeal
But lately I am beginning to find that I
Should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes, yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
I'll be there

So if I decide to waiver my
Chance to be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine
And hold my own and drive?

It's driven me before And it seems to be the way
That everyone else gets around
But lately I am beginning to find that when I drive myself
My light is found

Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes, yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
I'll be there

Would you choose water over wine
Hold the wheel and drive?

Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes, yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
I'll be there

Data from: LyricFind

The rules for playing along:

  • Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not
  • Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due and it’s honestly just a simple Google search
  • Make sure you also credit the singer/band and provide a link to where you found the lyrics
  • Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song
  • Ping back to this post or my own Song Lyric Sunday post
  • Read at least one other person’s blog so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process

Join in the fun! If not this week, why not next? 


  1. I've always really liked this song. I'm not sure I've taken the time to read the lyrics, but I really liked them as well. Great choice. Thanks for joining in!

    1. Thanks, Helen!

      So far, I'm really enjoying participating :) Have you thought about using a linky tool for keeping track of everyone that joins in ?


  2. R.E.M. had a song "Drive" too. I'd be careful about using entire song lyrics in a blog post as that is considered plagarism unless you have permission, believe it or not. I don't know if the person hosting this is aware of this or cares.

    1. Hi Cathy

      I don't know that it is plagiarism if the source is cited. I had forgotten about R.E.M.'s version as well.


    2. Yep! Even if credit is given.


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