Friday, September 14, 2018

The Ultimate Dog v Cat Battle of the Bands Final Results

It’s all over now!

The felines took on the canines in what was perhaps a historic tournament in the battle of the bands history.

You guys voted, and chose the winner. Now it’s time to see how your vote stacked up against the others.

But first, let’s recap how we got to this place in history.

My good friend and fellow blogger, Michele from Angels Bark approached me and suggested this tournament idea. I thought it sounded like fun, so we went for it. Of course, she would be rooting for the doggies and I would be rooting for the kittehs.

Round One took place on each of our sites on July 15. Round One was intended to be our ‘harder’ rock tunes representing our sides.
Michele featured Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” and Ted Nugent’s “Dog Eat Dog”
I didn’t quite get the memo and went with covers of Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever”

Round Two was for our ‘softer’ rock tunes. This round took place on August 1.
Michele featured Marvin Gaye’s “I’ll Be Doggone” and Lobo’s “Me & You & a Dog Named Boo”
I featured Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle” and Ugly Kid Joe’s “Cat’s In The Cradle”

Round Three (The Semi-Finals) happened on August 15, and we each battled our own harder rock against our own softer rock winners from Rounds One and Two.

The Championship Round took place on September 1. The winners of the Semi-Finals faced off to see once and for all who is better - The CATS or The DOGS!

I had a pretty good idea who was going to take the Championship - but one never really knows with the unpredictability of our readers.

I found it rather interesting, on my page, the cats were scratching up those poor little doggies left and right.  But on Michele’s page, the doggies were doing a darn good job of defending their territory.

After the votes were in, we combined our votes - removing the duplicates. After all was said and done, it was a fairly close battle, as far as battles go - only separated by 5 votes.

The final tally -

Led Zeppelin with 16 votes
Harry Chapin with 21 votes

And just like that… the cats have been declared a winner!

Michele and I are talking about making this an annual tournament. What are your thoughts on this? What cat and dogs songs would you like to see featured in such a tournament? Or would you rather see a different theme? Let’s discuss in the comments!  We know one thing is for certain - this was a lot of fun!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, September 15 for the next installment of battle of the bands. At the time of this writing, I don’t know for sure what I’m going to do for the battle - so it will be a surprise for all of us!


  1. Yikes, no comments?? What?? The biggest battle tournament in history and no one came for the finals?? I read this on Friday but wanted to wait to come back here to comment so I could see how folks responded to your request for suggestions for future tournaments. hmmpf...

    I haven't been to mine since I posted it on Friday (this weekend was nuts and nothing much got done as far as online stuff) so not sure if you had a chance to visit and comment but I'll head over there later on...

    Well Girl, this was SO MUCH FUN! Hopefully that was clear in my Results post. I really enjoyed doing it, I especially enjoyed interacting and chatting with you through all of it and I can't wait to do the next one!

    I'll stop back by here later in the week to see if anyone comes and responds to ideas for future dog/cat songs and/or other ideas. Maybe if you send out a promotion post/comment via your other groups or FB friends and ask them to come over here and give some suggestions, we could get some ideas. Or hey, why not leave us to our own devices? A scary proposition but it worked for this last one. Surely we'll do it right on the next one too!

    Thanks for everything Friend! It was truly a pleasure hanging out with you these last few weeks. <3

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. I know, crazy, right?!? Not even a peep from that McStephen dude. Oh well.. I have a new battle going on now that seems to be taking a life of it's own. Am busy gearing up for my big Rocktober Blogfest. I've decided to do daily linkies for that.. plus more brainstorming taking place for after October.

      Now, to just put it all into action...

      ps. I can't remember if I made it over to your results post or not. I better go check it out.


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