#RocktoberMusicFest : T Rex - Bang a Gong (Get It On)

Whew! Friday again! Where does the time go?

This is another one of the ‘’Oh that song!” moments for me.  That is, it was until just a few months ago.  I didn’t think that I knew any T Rex songs but I sure did know this one.

This song was originally titled Get It On (Bang A Gong) in England, but the US markets felt the name was a bit offensive so they changed the title to Bang A Gong (Get It On).  15 years later, the song was covered by the supergroup Power Station (members included Robert Palmer and Duran Duran). When they released their cover, they simply titled it “Get It On”. No changes were necessary for either side of the pond.

Fun Fact: If you watch the video (as opposed to just listening) you might think the piano player looks an awful lot like Elton John. That’s because it is.  The video is from a Top of The Pops performance. Elton John just happened to be available and sat in for the performance.

Another Fun Fact: The song was written by the band’s front man Marc Bolan. His real name was Mark Feld. He took his name from Bob Dylan.

Wait! Don’t run off just yet!

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  1. I had no idea this was the original. Shows you how much I know. I was a big Power Station fan. Yep, that's Elton. You can feel the music growing at that time. Things were changing.

    1. I remember watching the video the first time and had to start digging into the background of the song and the band. For half a minute I thought Elton might have been part of the band - but it turns out he just sat in for this performance.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  2. Ah, the early to mid-'70's. Great time for music!

  3. Yes, this is definitely one of those "Oh, that song!" songs LOL. I must've only heard the Power Station's version, though I couldn't have told you even that much before reading your post. Thanks for reminding me! :)


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