#RocktoberMusicFest : Scorpions - Still Loving You

One thing that I like about Rock music is that it covers many emotions. Today’s selection is one that reflects a softer side of rock.  Like most rock ballads, it was written with the female listener in mind.

Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965 in Hanover by Rudolf Schenker. Since the band's inception, its musical style has ranged from hard rock to heavy metal. The lineup from 1978–1992 was the most successful incarnation of the group, and included Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Francis Buchholz, and Herman Rarebell. The band's only constant member has been Schenker, although Meine has been the lead singer for all of Scorpions' studio albums, while Jabs has been a consistent member since 1979, and bassist Paweł Mąciwoda and drummer Mikkey Dee have been in the band since 2003 and 2016 respectively.

"Still Loving You" is a power ballad and signature song of Scorpions from their 1984 album Love at First Sting. It was the second single of the album, reaching #64 on Billboard Hot 100. The music video was filmed in Dallas, TX at Reunion Arena.

According to an interview with Songfacts, this song was especially popular in France, where it went to #1. In fact, according to Rudolf Schenker: "'Still Loving You,' the song of love, created a baby boom in France."

So grab that special person in your life, dim the lights, and enjoy today’s selection.

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  1. Mary,

    A power ballad I can get into! Although I know Scorpion I don't know much of their mewsic. "Wind of Change" is song I know best by them but in my June's post Hard Rockers Doin' It Soft I shared a newly discovered Scorpion title "Send Me An Angel" which is really purrrty! Thanks for sharing another with me this morning! Have a rockin good day!

    1. Hi Cathy!

      You know me, always happy to share something that might be 'new' to someone. The two songs you mentioned are really good ones, too!

      Thanks for joining me today!


  2. I vaguely recall hearing this one before, but completely forgot all about it. Great pick! :) I just used their "Send Me An Angel" for an #SLS not too long ago. "Rock You Like A Hurricane" was my favorite.

    1. Oh Nice! Can you believe the month is almost half over? It sure is going quickly!


    2. It is going by way too fast, guess it's true what they say about when you're having fun. LOL I just realized I never linked my contribution yesterday, but I did participate. I'm making sure not to forget again.

  3. You got best collection of songs i never heard these songs & i am loving it. Thanks.


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