#RocktoberMusicFest : Three Dog Night - Never Been To Spain

Hovering around the early 70’s still… I can’t help myself. It just seemed to be a great period in the history of rock music.

Today’s selection is another that band that reminds me of my older siblings. Being the youngest, I tagged along as much as I could. Not that I’m an annoying little sister, but there really weren’t many other children in my area that were my age. At least none that I liked. (yes, my disdain for others started at an early age)

On one such tag along,  it was a trip to the next door neighbor. This guy was fascinating. He was older - and by older, I mean he may have been closer to my oldest siblings ages. All I know is I was less than ten years old and my older brothers were still in high school. It was the summer, so we’d have to find ways to entertain ourselves. There was no internet in those days.  What I remember about this guy is he loved his music. I remember distinctly that he had a fondness for Three Dog Night and Bread. He’d play those albums while teaching us how to play pinochle. To this day, I still don’t know how to play pinochle, but I sure do remember that music!

Wait! Don’t run off just yet!

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  1. Three Dog Night is a huge favourite! They were my first-ever rock concert in 1971. ☺ That's a great song, but I actually have been to Spain and I kinda like the music. ♥

    1. That is really awesome, Debbie! 1971 was pretty close to the time frame that I was introduced to their music as well. And it doesn't surprise me that you've been to spain, Ms WorldTraveler :)

      Thanks for stopping in!


    2. It was love at first sight, when I watched Three Dog Night perform "One", live on German TV in the spring of 1969. ♥ We kicked off our trip last month with 3 days in Barcelona. Spain is a fabulous country!

  2. Another new one for me, Mary, but it strikes me as one of those really great sing-along songs for road trips. Thanks for the introduction! :)

    1. If you really enjoy the classic rock, you should definitely check these guys out.

  3. I love Three Dog Night. Like Kip says, they're highly underrated. Fantastic vocals and a great backup band.

  4. One of my all time favorites!! Guess that shows my age!

  5. I SOOOOO Love Three Dog Night! And Never Been to Spain is one of my favorites.
    That's a cool story on how this song takes you back to those days when you tagged along with your older siblings. I have an older brother and I did the same: He was totally cool with it though and he and his friends always welcomed me (because I was cool back then too. :) )
    Those early days that we had paling around with our brothers sure did imprint incredible musical memories, didn't they?

    Michele at Angels Bark


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