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Monday again!  Our Musical Conductor for the month of October is my good friend Michele from Angels Bark  and she has picked some challenging themes for this month.

AND… factoring in the Rocktober MusicFest, this becomes a real challenge. But you know….

I do love a good challenge!

Today she has given us the theme of  “Songs Featuring/Using Unique or Interesting Instruments”

I knew right away I wanted to include this song in today’s post. While it isn’t necessarily ‘Rock’, I was mesmerized by The Spoon Lady and I think you will be, too.

My second song is by Ringo Starr. According to SongFacts - Ringo got a lot of help on his solo efforts, and on this track, Harry Nilsson sang backup and Paul McCartney made the noise that sounds like a kazoo (producer Richard Perry said he was singing; the album credits him for "vocal sax solo")

I think this post needs a little more pep - don’t you think?

Wrapping up the post is Led Zeppelin

In the freakout section of this song, Jimmy Page played a theremin, a bizarre electronic instrument he liked to experiment with consisting of a black box and antennae. The sound is altered by moving one's hand closer to or farther from the antennae and was used to create the fuzz that alternates back and forth through the speakers. It can be heard to great effect on their Royal Albert Hall footage. Page decided to try theremin after hearing the group Spirit use one.

After Page started fooling around with the theremin in the studio, it was open season for experimentation on the track; he started messing around with his guitar by detuning it and pulling on the strings, and Plant did his part by going to the extreme high of his vocal range.

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We still have unfinished business to tend to. Time to reveal the winner of the Creepy Battle of the Bands

We had Radiohead taking on Stone Temple Pilots to see who 'Creep' song was better.  Personally, I'm a fan of both songs.  And while some of you were determined to DECLARE a winner in your comments, the other band certainly held their own.  Let's let the rest of the voters have a say before we declare a winner, okay? If we had declared a winner in the early hours of a presidential election, Hilary would be running this country. 

The final votes look like this:
Stone Temple Pilots with 9 votes
Radiohead with 17 votes 
And 5 people that claim to be bloggers but were unable to form an opinion. 

 Our next battle is November 1st.


  1. Mary,

    I stumbled on the Spoon Lady a few years ago. I don't recall how I found her but I also was a bit mesmerized by her style. 'You're Sixteen' is a good pick. I didn't think about this one. That's a cool and neat unusual instrument theremin. WOW, you came up with some clever song choices for this theme. You totally were more creative than me. :) This is definitely a theme to revisit.

    WOW, Radiohead blew STP off the stage! I knew going with the loser was chancy and probably wouldn't come out on top. I knew this and felt comfortable giving my vote to them anyhow because I like the original just fine.

    I didn't have time to get my battle results together. Hopefully, I can share those tomorrow with an explanation on the delay. Thanks for sharing, hosting, and boogieing with me today!

    1. The Spoon Lady has made the rounds in my facebook newsfeed a few times, and the others were selected with the help of google. Of course, all of this was written last month (except for the battle results) so it was fun to see and hear it again.

  2. Very nice. I went with a different song using spoons, "Spoonman" by Soundgarden. Hope that you have a wonderful week.

    1. I'll have to check that out, Patrick. What is the unique instrument used?

  3. That's Paul singing in "You're Sixteen"? They must have done something electronic to his voice so it ended up sounding like a kazoo. Good picks!

    1. Harry Nilsson was singing backup while Paul played the kazoo. The producer was trying to give Paul extra credit, I believe.

  4. Great choices on the songs. The theremin came up a lot when I was looking for songs. Have a nice week!

  5. Yes! The spoon lady! My mom came across that video on Facebook, I believe and showed it to me awhile ago, because she was so awed by the woman's talent. It's amazing! I'd never heard of the Theremin before, that was very interesting to read about and see how creative musicians got trying to make new sounds before the invention of synthesizers and such. Great post! :)

  6. That spoon lady is really something! I've never seen her before. That was a cool song too.
    I love Ringo's "Your Sixteen"..I have it included in my upcoming Kazoo edition of my new series. Oh Lord, how do I get myself into these series??!

    That was very cool info about "Whole Lotta Love". And it really made me listen closer. I've always liked that Zeppelin song, even though it's been played to death on classic rock stations...

    Too bad Stone Temple Pilots lost. I was surprised by how much. I guess you have some real Radiohead fans among your followers.

    I just sent you a FB message so check it out when you have a minute...

    Great post Mary. Thanks for playing along with my theme.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. PS: I'm late with my battle results too. I'll do the tally and post it after I get back from my Dr appt this afternoon...

  7. Oh, I have to recruit The Spoon Lady for our next Binghamton, New York porchfest! (Ding - that bell was so cool at the beginning and end, too!) I didn't think at all about You're Sixteen, and my in laws went to a concert Ringo Starr played at last month at that. And Led Zep? My husband will never forgive me, but I did have a Page/Plant song on my offering.

  8. Another awesome song!! Spoon lady is amazing, I could listen to them all day..and just might! LOL


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