#BattleOfTheBands Results : Christmas Edition

This week sure did go by quickly, didn’t it?
And now that the week is over, it’s time to find out who won the Battle of the Bands Christmas Edition.

For this battle, I chose a new-to-me song.  It seems that quite a few of us did this time around. No harm in that. Despite the comment that one supposed blogger left on my battle this go around, I actually enjoy learning about new-to-me music. To this commenter, I say “Broaden Your Horizons!  Step out of the box every now and then. It might surprise you what you can learn.”

The song that was being battled was “There’ll Always Be A Christmas”

I had mentioned to someone else that I had held back some information about this song. The reason for that - I didn’t want it to influence your vote. 

Now I’m sure you’re all curious as to how this battle shook out.  Well… 

At first I thought the Ames Brothers were going to run away with the battle.  But then, The Regals picked up the pace.  I allowed one person to split their vote, because they just couldn’t make the decision. At least they tried.  There were 2 others who didn’t even bother. They simply commented for the sake of commenting, including the one the complained that I didn’t use a song that everyone was familiar with. 

We were at a tie until late Thursday. That's when Mike swooped in with a late breaking vote for The Ames Brothers.  However, I am casting my vote for The Regals, and that brings it back to a tie!

The final tally -
The Regals with 7.5 votes
The Ames Brothers with 7.5 votes

I think Diedre said it best when she described The Regals as having “'Good Tidings around a Wood Stove' feeling”

And that piece of information I left out - The Regals are the original artist for the song. I was taking a huge risk in using the original artist, but knew the song was not very familiar to many of us, so I left out that little bit to see how it would do if everyone thought it was ‘just another cover’.

I’m going to leave you all with another Regals tune.  And as we are approaching Christmas Day, I want to wish you all the happiest of happiests.

Now, how about some Goose for Christmas? 

What did you think of this battle? Did your vote go to the winner? 

Be sure to come back on the 1st for another battle. Not quite sure what I’ve got planned yet, so it’ll be a surprise for us all.


  1. Interesting! Especially since you didn't reveal the original artist. Very clever, Mary. ☺ Wishing you and yours the Happiest of Holidays. Cheers!

  2. That was quite the Battle! I think it's odd when people only want to hear music they know. My question is how did they hear that "known" music in the first place? Surely at some point that song was new to them. I like hearing music that is new to me and agree that we should all expand our horizons to learn as much as we can. Only then can we make truly informed decisions about everything that we encounter in life.

    Good Battle.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. I pick the Regals, so I guess it was a tie! LOL Thank you for the fun! Merry Christmas Mary, thank you for bringing music and smiles to my life!

  4. What the hell is THIS crap?! How could the weak-ass Regals tie the The Ames Brothers?! I want a recount! I want to see the hanging chads! I want--

    Huh? What? Oh, it's Christmastime? Gee... I guess I forgotted.

    Hey, MARY, MARY, QUITE EXTRAORDINARY, this was a fantastic Battle. Congratulations on the tie. (I think it would look great with my grey suit.) Nothing quite says "Great BOTBer" like a BOTB tie does.

    You dun goot! This Battle was a goot juan!

    Mary, I wish you the Merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of New Years, and 24 BOTB ties in 2019!

    ~ D-FensDogG @ STMcC Presents 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS'

  5. i pick the ames and this is such a great song


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