#BattleOfTheBands Results : World Changing Edition

We’ve just wrapped up the first week of January. Are your resolutions still intact?

I’m going to make this post short and sweet, because it’s the opposite of what I am, er I’m dealing with a Monday Hangover, er uh... It’s Tuesday and nobody ain’t got time for that!

We started out the year with Wynonna Judd and Simone Kopmajer talking about changing the world.  I thought for sure it was going to be a tight race, but the ‘new girl’ took the easy lead and poor Wynonna was left in the dust.

The final tally -
Simone Kopmajer with 7 votes
Wynonna Judd with 2 votes

In the battle, I mentioned a third contender that I was considering.  I thought I would share that video with you today.

What did you think of this battle? Did your vote go to the winner? 

Be sure to come back on the 15th for another battle. Not quite sure what I’ve got planned yet, so it’ll be a surprise for us all.


  1. I thought my pick Wynonna would do better than that.

    No resolutions for me, but I have some goals in mind that I'd like to achieve in some way. We'll see.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I thought for sure she would have fared a little better as well, but I knew it would be a tough one.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Weight loss program back in full swing now, as usual. ☺ That's pretty much my only resolution. Yikes! Poor Wynonna lost big. At least my vote helped avoid a shutout.

    1. Weight loss is always a good resolution, unless you have the body type of Twiggy. Wynonna did alright holding her own against the competition.


    I know, I know... you're wondering where I've been. Would you believe... I was kidnapped by Martians who planned to destroy the Earth, but I managed to escape and destroy their 'Earth-Destroying Electromagnetic Bomb-thingie'? No? Would you believe... "a Boy Scout with rabies?"

    OK, OK, I've been in the process of buying a house in another city! Would you believe it? ...Another city!

    But I'm here now, very temporarily. Oh, I've been super-ultra-busy (and spending way too much $moolah)! However, I am... MAKING time to visit your blog to say...

    WHOOPEE! I boted for the BOTB winner!

    And, no, I can assure ya that had you included Tutu What's-Her-Name, it would NOT have changed my bote.

    In one way, your 1-1-2019 BOTB blog bit and my 1-1-2019 BOTB blog bit were similar. We both put little-known artists up against major big-name artists, and the no-names won easily. And this goes to show... what a load of shit "popularity" is.

    The vast majority of big-name artists are big-name artists primarily because of...

    1) Who they knew.

    2) Lucky breaks.

    3) Talent.

    Talent is a distant third compared to the first two. I know, because my cousin John would kick the shitoutta most popular Rock bands today in a straight-up, totally-honest 'Battle Of The Bands' competition. And, in fact, back in my day, I was a better actor than many other performers who went on to fame and fortune (because of their parents, who their family happened to know, lucky breaks in timing, etc.).

    No, I'm not angry anymore.
    I'm not angry anymore to the very same degree that Elvis Costello was...


    Phuqin' phuqed-up phuqin' world.

    [Ha!-Ha! I just jest. But... I jest hard!]

    Mary, see ya on 1/15 or thereabouts (hopefully). Although I could be driving a U-Haul trailer over a very high and windy bridge on the 15th... and all the days "thereabouts".

    ~ Stephen
    DogGtor of Alcohology &
    King of Inebriation Nation

    1. Well well well... looky what the cat dragged in!

      I figured you were pretty busy, either that or had one too many margaritas celebrating the new year!

      Moving is exciting, yet very nerve-wracking. Are you staying in the same state, or moving to a newer breed of bad drivers?

      I've been a bit busy myself. Busy workload mixed with a fun case of insomnia is making me a bit crazy. And if those damned Jehovah Witnesses ring my doorbell one more damned time before 10am they are going to meet my buddies Smith & Wesson.

      I've got a tiny idea for my 1/15 post. Hope I can get it put together in time, as I've been informed I shall be having out of state visitors on 1/14.

    2. Believe it or not, I only had two margaritas on 'Margarita Day'.

      I'm actually staying in the same state. I'm only moving 30-minutes south of where I am now, but the difference is like night and day (or half a century, in terms of years).

      Jehovah's Witnesses trouble? Obviously, you never read my review for 'The Howlin' Wolf London Sessions' album at my review blog:


      >>... I've got a tiny idea for my 1/15 post.

      Hmmm..... That looks like a "Tiny" clue to me.

      I hope I can keep up with my 1/15th BOTB. I may be very, very busy moving at that time.

      ~ Stephen
      D-FensDogG of the
      Loyal American Underground

  4. Nothing like a little rock and roll to keep you calm

  5. Now that a great way to wake up!! Have an awesome day!!

  6. soul sista!!! hahah I always use being hungover as an excuse not to put out blog posts but YOU JUST INSPIRED ME. so now my New Years resolution is to stop making excuses and just get content OUT. and maybe have less margaritas on weekdays =)

  7. Ok so I am not that bright. I always see these posts with the winner named and never the post where you vote. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi sheila!

      The posts where we vote happen on the 1st and 15th of each month. Voting is left open for approximately 7 days for those posts. If you subscribe via email, you'll be notified of the next battle that takes place on February 1. I'd love to have you stop in and vote :)


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