#4M : Free Choice Week

It seems as though I am continually busy all the time lately. Not that it’s a bad thing… As most of you know, I do like to write my posts in advance, so that I don’t fall behind. There are days when I don’t know which end is up. The past three weeks have been full of days such as that. And here I am on Sunday afternoon and no post ready for Monday. YIKES! I need to get myself in gear!  And as much as I like the Free Choice weeks - I’m learning I need more structure in my life, as Free Choice weeks are becoming harder and harder for me. Even the more difficult challenges this month seem a bit easier than Free Choice week.

So.. what to share with you for this week?  Hmmm….
It’s Valentine’s Day this week, I could do a Valentines theme…
Or I could see which musicians were born this week and share their music…  Or…

Hey! I found a double winner! 

Sergio Mendes born Feb 11, 1941. He had a hit song in 1983, that is also a love song…

Not only that, but Alan Rubin of The Blues Brothers was born Feb 11, 1953. They had a hit in 1993 with this love song:

D'Angelo, (Michael Archer) was born Feb 11, 1974. He, too, had a hit love song:

And last but not least, born Feb 11, 1979, was Brandy. Here is here love song:

That wasn’t so bad now was it?

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  1. I always have to have a theme; I can't just pick ten songs at random and put them out there. Even when it looks like they're random songs, there's a method to my madness. You did great here!

    1. Thanks, John!

      Without a theme, it just doesn't make sense to me. Especially on those days that I just stare at my screen thinking, What Am I supposed to do now? LOL

  2. If love and music make the world go round, which they do, you hit a winning theme here - especially with the Blues Brothers!!

  3. Pawsome theme. The Blues Bros had us dancing too.

  4. Hello! All but the Blues Brothers and Brandy song were new to me. Happy Music Monday! Being busy is an awesome thing.


  5. Oh wow, girlfriend you have out did yourself today! I know I'm late two doctor visits today, but anyway. Girl, love... love... love... each & every song you have chosen from beginning to end. Brandy & Monica I haven't heard them in forever and I love that song.... you only reminded me how much. D'Angelo in Lady I thank you for the introduction on that one. Oooooo Such a groove tune! Blues Bros. is just a classic I mean how can you not like those guys, right? Then there's Sergio Mendes & his "Never Gonna Let You Go"! OMG I can never say enough about that one. I want a romantic evening with my husband that's the second tune I put on for sure (first one is our song always... hehehe)! I love his song & love to dance to it. Girl, as I said you out did yourself for sure! THANKS for the pick me up! HUGS

  6. Mary,

    'Your Choice Mewsic Picks' week is daunting at times. Like you, I try to have a theme to run with and on the occasion I can't get it in gear I keep a folder of songs that I stumbled on that caught my ears with the intention of sharing at times when I draw a blank. :)

    You did in fact get really creative this week, not only coming up with love songs but artists sharing the same birthdate! You so rock, girlfriend!

    Was Alan Rubin the sax player from the BB band? Thanks for the introduction to your last two song picks by D'Angelo "Lady" and Brandy & Monica "That Boy Is Mine". I can't say I'm crazy about either but it's always good to hear unfamiliar tunes.

    Thanks for hitting the dance floor, dearheart. You did mighty fine bringing out the boogie in me this morning.

  7. Very beautiful chocies. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. Great idea for a theme, Mary! The original Blues Brothers are always fun, as are the later incarnations with Jim Belushi and John Goodman. Dan Akroyd ties it all together. Hope you get some time to catch your breath this week.

  9. I remember how I loved that song by Monica and Brandy! Oh those days.
    Thanks for rocking.


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