#BattleOfTheBands Results : The Guitar Man

Is it me, or did this week just fly by without even a half pause?  I must be getting old, because I keep losing track of time. I’ll sit down to do a task on the computer, and next thing I know hours have passed me by.

The battle this week was The Guitar Man by Bread.  Our contestants were Cake and Starflyer 59.  After the initial vote from Mr Stephen, I was beginning to lose a bit of faith in my contenders, but more votes rolled in and that faith was restored. Cake did their best to prove they are the best thing since sliced ‘Bread’... and Starflyer 59 rocked it out the best they could.  As of the afternoon on Feb 7, I had a tie score!  So now, I must cast my vote to break the tie.

The final tally -
Cake with 6 votes
Starflyer 59 with 5 votes

While I felt as though they are both strong contenders, I felt that Cake edged out Starflyer 59 but just slightly.

In the comments, Lee mentioned that he thought this song sounded like something Neil Young would do. Well, Lee, I couldn’t find a video with just Neil Young - but I did find this gem that featured: Nellie McKay, KT Tunstall, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stephen Stills, Stevie Wonder, CSNY, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Billy Joel and David Gates. Of course, the song is performed by Bread - but it’s an interesting video.

What did you think of this battle? Do you have a favorite Bread song?

Did you miss this battle? Be sure to come back on the 15th for another battle. I’ve got an interesting one lined up. 

I nearly forgot to include this last bit.

I've got a poll going on my Facebook Page.  I'm trying to narrow down my theme for this year's A to Z challenge.  You can either visit the Facebook Page to take the poll, or simply comment in the comments below.

My choices that I am trying to choose between:

a) AtoZ of Dave Grohl
b) AtoZ earworms
c) AtoZ of Classic Rock
d) write in vote :) - Write your own choice in the comments.


  1. MMQE ~
    Do you believe that American Astro"nuts" walked on the Moon and returned to yak about it?


    As you can see, I got Internet service in my new joint today. Lucky you!

    You got my first comment from Carson City.

    Yak Later.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. McStephen~

      I feel so honored to be your first comment from the new 'city'. I'm a little verklempt at this moment.

      >>...Do you believe that American Astro"nuts" walked on the Moon and returned to yak about it?

      This is something that has befuddled me the majority of my adult life. See, according to the history books, Mr Armstrong and Mr Aldrin did their little moonwalk in 1969. But I vividly recall being in the first grade when the teachers interrupted our classes and we were 'forced' to watch the this event as it was 'breaking news'. This could not have been in 1969 as I wasn't old enough to attend school then.

      As I've become older, I have realized there are many many smoke and mirrors taking place and our government and others are doing their darndest to make us believe certain things transpired when they truly did not.

      Do not fret, Carson City boy. I am not as naive as I may appear.

      Gah! I forgot to put an addendum to my post before publishing. I posted a poll on the JingleJangleJungle Facebook page - trying to get a feel for the April AtoZ challenge. Now, I know your thoughts regarding how time consuming it can be, but I'm still wanting to play along - it's the 10th Anniversary this year.

      I know you don't do the book of faces thing, so I'll just post the info here (and then hurry to edit my post with the addendum).. Trying to narrow down my theme..
      a) AtoZ of Dave Grohl
      b) AtoZ earworms
      c) AtoZ of Classic Rock
      d) write in vote :)

      Type at ya later (Can't yak as you don't have my #)

    2. >>... "I'm a little verklempt at this moment"

      Verklempt? Is that like saying "literally Hitler"? I'm not up on my German as it's been decades since I've seen even a single episode of 'Hogan's Heroes'.

      Your story about not being in school in 1969 and yet watching the breaking news story about the Moonwalk is definitely an odd one. Are you sure they weren't just showing you old news which you mistakenly interpreted to be breaking news?

      Anyway, regardless, the whole thing was a scam, which I could prove in myriad ways, but "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

      I have no dog in the fight when it comes to A To Z. Nothing in the least against Lee or anyone else who enjoys doing it - more power to 'em, sez I. But it just ain't my mug o' beer and I rarely read those posts because... "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

      But if you're asking my opinion about which of those topics *I* think you should run with... well... let's see... I couldn't care less about Nirvana, Foo Fighters or Dave Grohl, so...

      I like Classic Rock because I grew up listening to it, but it has been done to death. I vote to leave it buried and move on.

      I think the Earworms idea could be interesting, fun, and annoying. I would probably run with that one. Why pass up an opportunity to annoy people for an entire month?!

      Write in vote? Well, there's always Tiny Tim. [;-D}

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. >>...Are you sure they weren't just showing you old news which you mistakenly interpreted to be breaking news?

      Who knows. That was a few decades ago. I just know I didn't care for it. I was not interested in science and discovery in those days - unless it involved magnifying glasses, the sun, and ants. Yup. My brothers taught me all about setting those buggers on fire without matches!

      >>...Write in vote? Well, there's always Tiny Tim.

      I bet if I found enough content to do 26 posts about Tiny Tim, you'd tune in to read them all.


  2. That was a good battle! Too bad my pick lost, but it was close, at least.

    I admire your resolve about participating in the A to Z challenge, Mary (I just can't do it anymore - severe burnout, every time!) Of course, my choice would be classic rock! ☺

    1. Thanks, Debbie!

      Last year I did an unofficial participation. I posted once a week with all the letters for that week. While it helped to combat the burnout that I was feeling previously, I also felt like I was missing out. This year I hope to just 'suck it up' and do it!

  3. Thanks for the Bread video. Listening to them do this song after not having heard their version for quite some time, I am reminded of how much like a Neil Young this sounds. Close race, but I agree with your Cake choice (of course I do!).

    I let my choice be known on FB. It shows up under my real name, but you can likely figure that out.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks, Lee!

      Bread will always be the winner here. The more I listen to Cake's version, the more I really like it.

      I'll look forward to your poll vote on Facebook.



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