#BattleoftheBands Results - Or Maybe Not

Dear Friends, Readers, and Strangers dropping by…

I wanted to give a quick update here regarding the results of Round One of the Battle for Crazy.

I have not forgotten to post the tally.

I am withholding the information for a specific reason - 

That reason is simple.

Round two will be the same song, but with completely different contenders.  Round Two will take place on April 1.

On April 15,  The contenders that did not win Rounds One and Two will compete for Third place in this tournament.

On May 1, The winners of Rounds One and Two will compete for First and Second place.

Because I want to also leave each battle with some sort of element of surprise - I will not be posting results until Round Three.

And because I can’t just make a post without music - Here’s a message from Patsy Cline -

While waiting for Round Two in the Insanity Tournament - Be sure to check out Song Lyric Sunday, Monday’s Music Moves Me, and other posts. 


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