#BattleOfTheBands Results : Soul Man

Time to announce the winner of the March 1 Battle of the Bands! I’m going to keep this one short today, as I am running behind schedule (say it isn’t so!) Sure, it may seem like it’s right on time for you, but for me… that’s cutting it too close.

But first…

Pssst… Hey Stephen!

Yes, I went against the odds and broke all of the rules, and according to Stephen - I am setting the internet ablaze.

Sam & Dave did an outstanding job with their “Soul Man”, but I think there were some nostalgia votes that went to The Blues Brothers, and thankfully, those votes prevented a blowout.

The final tally - 

Sam & Dave with 13.5 votes
The Blues Brothers with 5.5 votes
And 3 people that are still wondering what the post is all about.

Singing us out today is Sam & Dave

Thanks for playing along and be sure to come back next week for a fresh battle. In the meantime, be sure to check in for Song Lyric Sunday and Monday’s Music Moves Me.


  1. Mary,

    Yippee, I'm on the winning team! I hear you on being behind. I'm trying to get ready for next month's blogfest while keeping up with everything else. I'm sure something is going to slip through the cracks with Murphy's Law following close to my heels each day. Have a great weekend, my friend!

    1. I worry about slipping behind as well. I did manage to get three posts written today for Free Choice week for #4M. Now to back up and fill in the blanks for the other weeks. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration for those weeks plus BOTB. This is really a crazy time of year!

  2. I am amused by those who didn't get it. I think a lot of those folks who answer like that don't really read the posts. Then there are those who are just afraid of the backlash of expressing an opinion. Hey folks, it's only a matter of what recording you like best.

    How could Sam and Dave have not won this pair-off? They rule.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I knew going in that Blues Brothers were lacking a bit in talent - that's why I went with the live versions - hoping that their enthusiasm would make up the difference. I still think they were able to hold up their end of the battle and not fall on their faces completely.


    Congratulations! You took a shot and played against the odds, and you got away with one. How rebellious of you to break the unwritten BOTB rules.

    You know how I despise rebels, right?

    "Gee, Wally, I think we should all play by the rules. We should never question conventional wisdom, and that will make it ever so nice for everyone everywhere."

    "Shut up, Beav, and tell me where you've hidden my bottle of vodka, punk!"

    Yip! You dun got away with one, Playing-With-Matches Girl. I think it helped enormously that you put Sam & Dave up against Simon & Garfunkel, er-- I meant, Dan & John, who were also extremely popular. Not with me (the rebel), but with all the parrots and mynah birds I grew up with.

    >>... I think there were some nostalgia votes that went to The Blues Brothers, and thankfully, those votes prevented a blowout.

    Uhm... methinks you meant to say "a shutout". Because an 8-vote margin of victory is indeed a "blowout". I'll ask you to refer to Chapter 6, Category 10, Subheading 4.b of the fifth and most up-to-date edition of 'The Official BOTB Handbook', and there you will find the following:

    "Not less than a six-vote margin of victory shall be declared a blowout. Any and all margins of victory which constitute a 6-vote or higher discrepancy between the victor and the lousy loser shall be officially declared a blowout, unless said loser acquired 0 votes during the time in which the polls were open, in which case a shutout shall be declared."

    Kudos to you Mary, for rebelling against the unwritten law o' de land. However, let it not be said that a blowout did not ensue. You gots to take your medicine as well as your kudos.

    If it makes ya feel any better, I suffered one of the greatest blowouts of my BOTB career this last time. But I don't mind seeing Bruce blown-out. And especially when it's an old friend of mine who laid the lumber to him.

    See ya on the 15th, or thereabouts, Fire Girl.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. What's that you say? I can't hear you. I've got Dan and John playing in the background, and they are doing their best to drink all my bourbon!

    I saw your little Bossy Blowout. I think Twinkie did a damned fine job of blowing up da Boss. Serves him right!

    So, what's on the docket for next battle? I thought about using a Stones tune but decided to use that particular song for Song Lyric Sunday instead. Now I'm back to square one with finding a battle tune. I'm sure I'll come up with something not too terribly horrendous by the 15th. Sure, I have a list of potentials - but none of them are calling to me at the moment. I hate when that happens.

    Gotta run. I think I smell sulfur.

  5. >>... I've got Dan and John playing in the background

    Laurel & Hardy strike again!

    >>... So, what's on the docket for next battle?

    I know ONLY this: I WON'T be using 'The Safety Dance' by Men Without Hats!! I heard it being played over the sound system in a restaurant yesterday and it nearly put me off my food! I even had to Google it to find out who the morons were that recorded *that* piece of pretentiousness. (That was a PERFECT example of why I gave up on contemporary music in the 1980s and never looked back!)

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. You can dance if we want to
      You can leave your friends behind
      'Cause your friends don't dance
      And if they don't dance
      Well they're no friends of mine.

      Thanks(not) for that earworm!


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