#AtoZChallenge : Inside

We’re back again with more fun with the A to Z Challenge.

A quick review of what we’re doing here:

I’ll post 2 to 3 songs with a word that represents the letter of the day. In the comments, you’ll share songs that also use said word in either the title or lyrics.  Pretty easy, and loads of fun!

Today’s word is “Inside”

From Dictionary.com:

Bob Seger "The Fire Inside"

Eve 6 "Inside Out"

OK Go "Upside Down & Inside Out"

And that’s my 3 Insides for the day.  Let’s see what Inside songs you come up with. Share in the comments.

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  1. All I could think of was Diana Ross's "Upside Down," where the second line is "Inside out." Not a real good song; she tried disco and it didn't go over that well...


    1. I thought of that one as well. It was stuck in my head for half a minute.

  2. I hadn't heard that Seger song in forever - nice!
    I'm not sure who did it first, but "Lost inside your love" by Badfinger, or "Livin' inside your love" by George Benson - do the songs have to have lyrics?
    Happy 'Inside' Day!

  3. Great job with your tunes! Bob Seger "The Fire Inside" is the only tune I knew, but that one I love! You have a great day and I shall check in with you for "J"! Have a great night!

  4. How about Inside Out by Bryan Adams and Love You Inside Out by the Bee Gees. Nice game you're playing here.

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. Mary,

    No 'Inside' song titles popped inside my head and even after I asked Google the long list on Ranker song titles didn't ring any bells. I'm sure some are familar tunes I'd just have to play them but not having time I'll have to wait for another day. Even your playset selections I didn't know which isn't a surprise because you're an excellent source for introductions I can count on. ;)

    I is for Intertidal Zone in my Little Mermaid Art Sketch series

  6. I wanted to go for Bryan Adam's "Inside Out", but saw it in a comment already :-)

    "Dance Inside" by The All-American Rejects.
    "From the Inside" by Linkin Park.
    "Light Inside" by Aerosmith.

    Fun word!

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing: Imagine

  7. This is a toughie but I like the songs you chose


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