#AtoZChallenge : Under

We’re back again with more fun with the A to Z Challenge.

A quick review of what we’re doing here:

I’ll post 2 to 3 songs with a word that represents the letter of the day. In the comments, you’ll share songs that also use said word in either the title or lyrics.  Pretty easy, and loads of fun!

Today’s word is “Under”

From Dictionary.com:

Men At Work “Down Under”

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge”

ZZ Top “Got Me Under Pressure”

And that’s my 3 ‘Under’ songs for the day.  Let’s see what ‘Under’ songs you come up with. Share in the comments.

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  1. Well, Queen's Under Pressure came right away. Under My Thumb - Rolling Stones and Water Under the Bridge - Adele.

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. I thought about Under Pressure, the others I didn't even think about. Great choices!

  2. "Under The Boardwalk" by the Drifters...

  3. Ohhhhhhhh I didn't know ZZ Top made an under pressure one too? Dang, I also thought you'd might have save ZZ for the letter Z, but hey who am I to judge. Hey girlfriend, great job. We're having beautiful weather by me. I'm about 45 minutes west of Chicago a little town called "Batavia" it's in a tri-city area, which is Batavia, St. Charles & Geneva all residing next to Fox River. It's beautiful and it's NOT in Chicago. Couldn't stand the violence anymore. Anyway I was listening to your ZZ while I was typing. They have a distinctive flavor in the playing, don't they? It's great though and they didn't change it either. Very nice HAVE A GREAT DAY! HUGS

  4. I love Under the Boardwalk and Undercover by the Rolling Stones. I also love ZZ Top

  5. Mary,

    Naturally the first one to pop in my head is...'Under the Sea' from The Little Mermaid movie. What else did you expect from me? lol Several years ago, I stumbled on 'Under the Milky Way' by The Church which is rather nice sounding. This one is a bit harder than others. It'll be interesting to see what other titles you get.

    A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch series 'Ursula'

  6. Great selection!

    I've got you under my skin by Frank Sinatra (heard it in a movie recently -- excellent!)
    Break The Spell by Daughtry (Lyrics: How am I supposed to break this spell you got me under?)
    When Love Takes Over by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta (Lyrics: head under water)

    Ronel visiting with the A-Z Challenge music and writing: The Gifted and Unusual


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