#BattleOfTheBands Results : Crazy, Round Three

Dear Friends, Readers, and Strangers dropping by…

I wanted to give a quick update here regarding the results of Round Three of the Battle for Crazy.

I had failed to post the tallies for Rounds One and Two when announcing Round Three, and some of you were a bit surprised at who the contenders were. Let me rectify that situation now :)

Round One:
Sheridan Smith with 4 votes
Glass Animals with 8 votes

Round Two:
Scary Pockets feat. Dannielle DeAndrea with 7 votes
Alice Jayne with 3 votes

Round Three:
Sheridan Smith with 5 votes
Alice Jayne with 4 votes

I was a little worried about it being a tie, but then Mike swooped in at the last minute and broke the tie -

Thus Our Third Place Winner is:

Sheridan Smith

And because I can’t just make a post without music - Here’s a message from Cypress Hill -

Stay Tuned as next week we battle for First and Second Place!  While you’re waiting, be sure to check out  the AtoZ Challenge posts that are proving to be a lot of fun - Plus there’s a pretty cool giveaway for you!


  1. A close battle! It will be interesting to see who wins the top spot next time. That song is making me a little insane. ☺

    1. Yes. I have my suspicions as to who will win the top spot, but I'm not always right.

  2. Mary,

    Thanks for sharing the outcome in your last battle. I went with the winner. It'll be cool to see how this tournament ends. You'll find my BoTB results here!

    1. I'm ready for a regular battle soon. Tournaments are tough, but this one has been pretty good.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video--well...video. Just the thing for a Monday morning.

    That was another close Battle. I may have been in the minority of voters in this last round, but it was a minority only be a slim margin.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I was really surprised at how close it was, too! Four good contenders, you really couldn't go wrong with the vote :)

  4. MMQE ~
    Well, dang! Of the four competitors, my favorite of the bunch won... 4th Place!

    I think it's time for me to get all tatted up and join the "In Crowd". I've been an outsider for 59 years, and I'm gettin' tired of it. Time to hit the nearest tattoo parlor. I've got $8,000 but no artwork on my skin. Time to fix that.

    (Yeah, I'm still a smart-ass. That won't ever change. ...Are we allowed to say "smart-ass" on your blog? If not, pretend that I just said "ass" and ignore the "smart" part.)

    I hope you're feeling better, Mary.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Awww. Poor, poor, Stephen...

      Don't be to despondant about the outcome. Think positively. Ms Jayne coming in 4th place only frees her up to be 'all yours'. You can try to convince her to lose the tats and snot-catcher, OR you can join her and get your own tats and snot-cather.

      Thanks for bringing a smile to my page :) Feeling a bit better, still working through some stuff that's been hanging on for awhile - but I'm definitely doing better.



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