#4M: Shifty's Side Project

We have a new conductor this month here on Monday’s Music Moves Me (aka #4M)

Marie, who is also the main conductor of this blog hop, is in charge of picking themes for us this month.  But today is Free Choice, and that means there is no theme for this week.  This being the case, I thought I would share with you a brand new album.

It’s no secret that I enjoy Foo Fighters. I love the personality of the band, and the fact that Dave Grohl is one of the nicest guys around. The generosity that he shows to his band mates, fans, and people in general impresses me. It doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes.  But this post is not about Mr Grohl.  This post is about Shifty.

Chris Shiflett is the lead guitarist for Foo Fighters. That’s his main job. As with the other members of the band, he has had numerous side projects.  Just as Dave Grohl got his musical start in a punk band, Chris started out in a punk band as well. In fact, Chris and his band had opened for the punk band Scream that Dave Grohl was once part of. 

A friend had mentioned to Chris that Guns N’ Roses were auditioning for a guitarist, and Chris told his friend that he would much rather audition for Foo Fighters. The friend made that audition happen, and Chris then joined Foo Fighters.

During the down time between Foo Fighter albums and tours, Chris and his brother Scott have formed a number of bands including a punk rock cover band ‘Me First and the Gimme Gimmes'. He has also been a part-time member of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighter drummer) band ‘Chevy Metal’. That band mostly covers classic rock.

In 2010 Chris started another side-project. This time the genre was country music. His band was ‘Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants’

April 2017 saw Shiflett release his first solo album West Coast Town, a collection of original honky tonk tracks, accompanied by a short USA tour to promote the release.

June 2019 saw another solo album release for Chris Shiflett.  This is the album that I am sharing with you today.  I think my early favorites from this album are “The One You Go Home To”, “Liars Word”, and “I Thought You’d Never Leave”.

What are your thoughts on Shifty’s side project? What songs did you enjoy? Share with me in the comments below.

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  1. Mary,

    Thanks for sharing these tidbits on Chris which I did not know but then I'm not a Foofighters follower, so it's always great fun to learn a little about an artist's mewsical life. I would've never made the connection between his two worlds had you not told me. My favorite song feature might be the first one on the playlist 'Liar's Word'. It's great having you on the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

    1. Thanks Cathy!

      What I like most about Chris is that he is multi-genre. It's nice to switch things up every now and then.

  2. Very nice songs and I enjoyed the info on Chris. Thanks for sharing both.

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Chris Shiflett. This side project contains some great tunes. I like your favorite tune, but I also like the next song in the list, "This Ol' World". There is some really nice guitar work going on here.Have a blessed week.

    1. Thanks, Driller!

      I am really enjoying this new album as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Chris. I gotta say he's not bad for country-rock. I kinda like "This Ol' World."

    1. Hi Cathy!

      I tend to agree with you. He puts his own flavor on the music. I'm going to listen to this album some more, I'm certain of that.


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