#4M: YouTube Roulette June 3

Welcome back to Monday’s Music Moves Me!

It’s ‘Free Choice’ week again, so I thought I’d give another round of ‘YouTube Roulette’

If you’re just tuning in, or have forgotten how I play this game, let me fill you in, should you want to play along.

  • Go to YouTube on the web (as opposed to using the app on the phone) Be sure that you are signed in to your YouTube account.
  • On the main page, scroll to the Recommended section. Click on the First Music video in that section
  • Find the ‘Up Next’ song and share.

Okay. Here Goes!

  • Recommended: Dave Grohl “My Hero” on the Howard Stern Show in 1999

  • Up Next: Dave Grohl - Walk & The Pretender (solo acoustic) - 3FM On Stage

  • Recommended:Verdine White (of EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE) Grand Daughter ReinaNai Sings September

  • Up Next: Earth, Wind & Fire (8/11) - Thats the way of the world

  • Recommended: Dream On (Aerosmith vocal cover) just a wild hair tonight

  • Up Next: Still Loving You (Scorpions vocal cover)

  • Recommended: Les Paul & Mary Ford Absolutely Live

  • Up Next: BB King & John Mayer Live - Part 1

  • Recommended: Buddy Guy "Damn Right, I've Got the Blues" on Guitar Center Sessions

  • Up Next: Telephone Line - Jeff Lynne (Acoustic)

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  1. Another fabulous lineup of tunes, Mary! For me, Dave Grohl was a standout, along with John Mayer, BB King and Buddy Guy.

    1. Thanks, Debbie!

      It's always interesting to see what YouTube recommends I should watch.

  2. Mary,

    I miss your continuous playlist. I like hitting play while multi-tasking online. :) That dude covering Aerosmith and Scorpion did a heck of a good job on both songs. Thanks for sharing these random YT suggestions. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

    1. awww, Cathy!

      I'll try to remember to do this as a playlist next time. Just for you :) Have a great week!


  3. That is so very cool. Thanks for sharing it with us. Very nice.

    1. Thanks, Patrick!

      The crazy thing about the roulette game is it is rarely the same 2 songs, so I'm always hearing something new.

  4. You just had a little bit of everything in here, didn't you? I saw an intervew with Verdine White in Guitar Player many years ago. He's quite a musician. Geez, and Buddy Guy? BB King? Jeff Lynne? Great picks!

    1. YT has been very good to me lately. Sure makes the days much better!

  5. What a great idea for a freebie week. Love the second Dave Grohl. There's something for everyone here. YouTube was down for me last weekend but I'll be posting tomorrow.

    1. YouTube and Google sure has had their share of issues lately! I'm glad that most of them have been sorted now.

  6. Hi Mary,
    This roulette is cool! And you have some great picks in here. Listening to Buddy Guy right now. I was on my way to see him but we couldn't find any parking, it was so crazy so we ditched the idea and went to my favorite blues bar back then, which was also one of my clients (Pearl's Oyster Bar). That just made me think of the day that I was over there doing a sales call and the band was unloading equipment and starting to get set up; my client introduced me to the guys and it was one of BB King's sons or grandsons or some relative who was playing there that night. These guys were cool and were taking a break and invited me over to smoke a joint with them, which of course I did. I didn't make any more sales calls that day... :)

    Hey that guy who did the Aerosmith cover did a pretty good job! Steven Tyler's vocal style isn't easy to replicate, I wouldn't think. He did good. Also did good with the Scorpion's song.

    I also liked Mike Grohl, especially the second song.
    "Telephone Line" is a great song and Jeff Lynne did it good. And I love piano so this was a great treat for me, to end with this acoustic version and a good tickling of the ivories!

    Fun stuff Mary.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thanks, Michele!

      I came up with this idea last month, and it seems to be a hit so far. I plan on doing the roulette game once a month. I've also got things planned for the other free choice weeks. Hope all is well at your house.


  7. You got some good recommendations, such as Buddy Guy but Les Paul and Mary Ford absolutely blew me away! (especially the part after his string broke). And Mr. Truthsurge, who did the Aerosmith and Scorpions vocal covers. Why hasn't he been on America's Got Talent?(well, maybe he has been). That man is GOOD. Thank you, You Tube!


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